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Dr. Sunita Chaudhari
B.A.M.S., M.Phil.
Alopecia Treatment Center
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I am Dr. Sunita Chaudhari. I have completed my B.A.M.S degree in Ayurveda from Mumbai University in 1990. I did my M.Phil in Ayurveda from Pune University in 2008.

1.            Yoga course from Kaivalyadham , Lonavla
2.            Keraliya Panchakarma from The Arya Vaidya Chikitsalayam, Coimbatore
3.            Aromatherapy from Urjita Jain
4.            Spa Therapy from VLCC
5.            Ayurvedic Dietetics from Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth
6.            Yoga course on Diabetes form Swami Vivekanad Yoga University, Bangalore

Though I am doing Ayurvedic  Panchakarma practice since 22 years, I also treated many cases of skin diseases, which includes alopecia cases as well.

During my training, I liked Dr. Rohit shah's approach towards treatment. I saw that every patient  was happy and appreciated  him. They felt that they have met the real person now, what they needed. Some of the patient who had advanced problems were becoming nervous that if they could have found him earlier. During my training ,I also consulted number of patients and all were quite satisfied with Dr Rohit`s natural hair Treatment. None have had any side effects. Dr Rohit does not give false hope and gives clear understanding to the patients regarding their hair problem and re-growth of the hair.

Working with him I also learnt different types and number of cases of alopecia. It also built my confidence. There is only external application of herbal paste and Ayurvedic herbal oils.

Dr Rohit Shah' herbal treatment is very safe, and effective too. I have selected his line of treatment and starting his center for Pune people.

My other  area of  Specialization :

1.             Panchakarma
2.             Kerala Panchakarma
3.             Ayurvedic Beauty Therapies
4.             Ayurvedic  Diet and Life-Style Consultation
5.             Yoga, Therapy Yoga
6.             Stress Management Workshops
7.             Garbhasanskar Workshops
8.             Ayurvedic Consultation for all chronic health problems
9.             Infertility, PCOD, PCOS and Woman Health
10.             Spine and Joints Health
11.             Psoriasis
12.             Ayurvedic Diet and Diabetes Workshops


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Alopecia Treatment Center
Dr. Sunita Chaudhari
B.A.M.S., M.Phil.

Ayur Mantra Legacy Apartment, 2nd floor, Behind Kaka Halwai, D.P.Road, Aundh, Pune-7
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Alopecia Treatment Center (Formerly known as Herbal Treatment Center)


  Alopecia Treatment Center
1/3839 Nani Desai Pole,
Nr. Maltiben's Hospital,
Soni Falia, Surat - 395003.
(Gujarat) India.
Phone : +91-261-2591146
Time : 1 pm to 6 pm (IST)
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Dr Rohit Shah   Ragini Shah
Dr Rohit Shah   Ragini Shah
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