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Video and Testimonials
clinic locator
Holly McGuffin, USA

Inspiring Journey
alopecia areata...

Holly McGuffin,

My 7 amazing days in India, to learn more about different types
of Alopecia

Dr. Sacha Piedallu
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International Conference
Dr. Rohit Shah, in International Conference and Exhibition on Cosmetology & Cosmetics, which was held in November 23-24, 2012 Hyderabad, India. The conference was arranged by OMICS Group.Dr. Rohit explained how Ayurveda Herbal Treatment is safe and potential way to cope up with Alopecia Areata.
Unpredictable And Capricious Alopecia Areata (Dr. Rohits Article in Health and Nutrition )
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Hair loss treatment
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Alopecia Treatment Center (Formerly known as Herbal Treatment Center)


  Alopecia Treatment Center
1/3839 Nani Desai Pole,
Nr. Maltiben's Hospital,
Soni Falia, Surat - 395003.
(Gujarat) India.
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Dr Rohit Shah   Ragini Shah
Dr Rohit Shah   Ragini Shah
     International Support Centers :
  USA Trichologist  Holly McGuffin   Trichologist Holly McGuffin
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  South Africa Dr. Sacha Piedallu   Dr. Sacha Piedallu
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  Surat (H.O.) Dr. Rohit Shah   Dr. Rohit Shah
  Ahmedabad Dr Sunil Shah   Dr Sunil Shah
  Valsad Dr. Sahil Masalia   Dr. Sahil Masalia
  Navsari Dr. Sahil Masalia   Dr. Sahil Masalia
  Vapi Dr. Sahil Masalia   Dr. Sahil Masalia
  Vadodara Dr. Bharat shah   Dr. Bharat shah
  Gandhidham Dr. Ashok D. Thakkar   Dr. Ashok D. Thakkar
  Ankleshwar Dr.K.H.Vekaria   Dr.K.H.Vekaria
  Mumbai Dr. Heena Quraishi   Dr. Heena Quraishi
  Mumbai Dr. Niti Shah   Dr. Niti Shah
  Kolkatta Dr Poonam Shukla   Dr Poonam Shukla
  Sangli (Maharashtra) Dr.Sonali Bapat    Dr.Sonali Bapat 
  Pune Dr Karuna Soni   Dr Karuna Soni
  Pune Dr. Sunita Chaudhari   Dr. Sunita Chaudhari
  Pune Dr Mahesh Bora   Dr Mahesh Bora
  Pune Dr Kinjal Sukhadia   Dr Kinjal Sukhadia
  Nasik Dr Shailesh Londhe   Dr Shailesh Londhe
  Indore Dr. Sanjay Kucheria   Dr. Sanjay Kucheria
  Bangalore Merlin Subhashini   Merlin Subhashini
  Bhubaneswar Dr Annada Prasad Dash   Dr Annada Prasad Dash
  Rourkela Dr Annada Prasad Dash   Dr Annada Prasad Dash
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