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Testimonial india
Mrs Patel India

I am so happy about the results for my alopecia areata condition.

Mrs Patel
Magdalla, Surat

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Pradip Shah India

My baby Moxa got beautiful hairs after getting treatment from Herbal Treatment Center.

Mr. Rana India

My son had lost 90% hair and we were so worried. We tried every treatment including steroids but nothing helped.

We started Dr Rohits HERBAL THERAPY before 12 months and my son got all his hair back..

for giving us excellent treatment for alopecia and we recommend this treatment to everyone who is suffering from this disease..

Father of the patient
Date 24th dec. 2010

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Mother of Roma Patel India

I was worried about my doughter's hair related problems but now after Dr. Rohit Shah's treatment she got absolute beautiful hair, Thanks

Hemuben Rana India

TI strongly recommend Dr Rohits natural treatment to all chemotherapy patients who want to get their natural hair back. Hemuben Rana, India


I was treated with chemotherapy before 2 years and I lost my hair. In most cases, hair grows back once chemotherapy is over but in my case, my hair did not grow till 2 years. I took some allopathic treatment to get my lost hair back but it did not help. I started Dr Rohit’s natural treatment and within 18 months, I got my 100% hair back. Dr Rohit’s herbal therapy is blessing for chemo therapy related hair loss.

I strongly recommend Dr Rohit’s natural treatment to all chemotherapy patients who want to get their natural hair back.

Hemuben Rana, Surat, India.
21 February 2008

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Niki Gokani India

I had a patch in my hair for nearly four months and the size of the patch kept still increasing. I was not knowing anything about alopecia areata before this.

I started my treatment at Alopecia Treatment Center in May 2010 . Dr Rohit explained everything about alopecia areata and how HERBAL THERRAPY is more safe compare to any other treatment.

For first four months of treatment I could not see any significant result but by the end of six months 90% of the hair in the patch has returned. I am really grateful to Dr. Rohit Shah and hats off to his herbal medicines which are easy to apply and not at all harmful. Now I can actually let my hair down.

Thanks again.

Niki Gokani,
Age 21, student
4 Nov, 2010.

Sonalben Desai India

Alopecia Areata problem was solved by Dr. Rohit's with herbal treatments. I got 100% new hair after treatments.

Swatiben Desai India

I was so worried about my hair loss due to chemo therapy but when I met Dr Rohit and saw the positive results of so many patients, I was relived.

I could not believe that natural treatment can give such a great results.

I recommend Dr Rohits herbal therapy for anyone who is under chemo therapy.

Dr Rohits herbal therapy is only topical treatment which does not conflict with cancer drugs.

Swatiben Desai,

Surat, India

9 November 2012

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Chandrikaben Pandya India

I got my beautiful hair back with Dr. Rohit Shah's herbal formula, I advised this formula to every chemotherapy Patients.

See Before and After Pictures of patient Chandrikaben Pandya ...
kinjal India

My daughter Kinjal was suffering from alopecia areata since last 6 years.

She was treated by reputed dermatologist for three years and she was also given systemic and intra dermal steroid injections.

We were frustrated because we got no results and she was almost converted into alopecia totalis.

We knew about Dr Rohit and his natural treatment from our family doctor Dr Sandeep shah and we decided to consult him.

After consultation on 15 February 2012, we decided to follow Dr Rohits natural therapy.

We had also seen worldwide patients recovered completely with Dr Rohits herbal treatments.

After 18 months of natural treatments my daughter Kinjal has 90 % recovery and her scalp looks normal.

She has also started growth on her eyebrows but slowly.

We are so happy with Dr Rohits natural treatments and we strongly recommend this therapy to anyone who is suffering from this capricious disease.

Thank you,

Gitaben Jitubhai prajapati
Surat [India]
Date 22 AUGUST 2013

See Before and After Pictures of patient kinjal ...

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