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Indian Testimonials

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Meha Sharma, Gurgaon

Hello viewers,
I would like to share my experieance of treatment of #alopecia areata which I took from Dr. Rohit Shah. It was a wonderful and amazing experience. My bitter journey of alopecia started, when my son was four years old. I was struglling for the last seven and half years. It actually started with a small bald patch at the back of his head, I ignored initially for one month, but then it started a flaring up like a fire. I immediately switched to allopathic treatment. The doctor recommended certain steroids, but still no results. As my son was very small so I thought of switching from alopathy to homeopathy. Than I tried homeopathy for next ten months along and I got results but they were not stable. When I saw the results diminishing I was in stress, I thought to move again to alopathy to get some results back. So I again consulted one of the renowned skin specialist in Gurgaon. That was really a nightmare. He stopped milk and milk products. He asked me to enrich the protein diet. I did so but I felt that my son suddenly reduced weight. I was again helpless but still I tried the treatment. But then felt that it was directionless and no results felt. So I again switched back to homeopathy. This time again a renouned homeopathy in Faridabad. There I thought that I would get stable results. I religiously followed his medicines for 3 years but I didn't get stable results. It came and go. Finally I was helpless. I thought instead of travelling every month and spending so much why not to switch homeopathy where I was earlier going. So I switched back to the first homoepathic. I again got the result but not stable. Next I was totally helpless. then I left everything. Meanwhile during this entire struggled I tried every other Ayurvedic nushkha whatever anyone told me. Like I prepared an oil. I tried to make a paste of Neem and Bilpatra. I got some results but it went. I also tried Adrak, Pyaaj and everything. Finally somebody told me to have a second child and your first child will be alright. I went for that. After 10 years I was blessed with a little Angel and really it worked. During that period, some of my husband's friend visited my place and they recommended me to switch to Dr. Rohit Shah. Actually they reffered the same earlier also which till date, I regret why didn't I do it earlier. So as I was sitting helpless and doing nothing. In mean time I again consulted a renowed homeopathic in Gurgaon. She suggested me several tests and I did that. I tried everything but there was no results. The condition was now converted into #Alopecia Universalis. Then someone suggested me to go to AIIMS Delhi. I went AIIMS Delhi and I met the top shot skin specialist there. She recommended again the chain of steroids to be followed but I didn't like that. Then I thought why not to switch to Dr. Rohit Shah and believe me I got his advise in July but I tried his treatment in October. I started getting results after 3 to 4 months only. Till now it has been a year and I have showned a remarkable improvment in my son's scalp. Not only scalp but also his eyelashes and eyebrow. This has generated a so much passion in me to help anyone because this is something beyond pain. How a mother feels when her child is having something which makes different from others. My son is extraordinary intelligent in curricural activities. Because of Alopecia he was loosing his confidence which affected him badly. I have witnessed end number of sleepless nights and I felt that pain. So who so ever is suffering this disease, please switch to Dr. Rohit Shah. I have struggled for seven and a half year and I have tried renowned doctors in Delhi NCR. But believe me there is no known cause or cure for alopecia areata. So its an humble advise, anyone sffering from alopecia, please try Dr. Rohit's Natural Treatment. Dr. Rohit Shah is not a less than God for us. He can do wonders, he has done wonders in my case.

Thank You.

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Meha Sharma, Gurgaon, India

25th October, 2018

Dr. Vimal Tailor, Surat

Hello Everyone,
I am Dr. Vimal kumar Tailor. Health adviser and Doctor. I did my MBBS in 2008 from Surat. I have been practicing medicine, general practice and acupressure health since last 10 year. I have also practiced skin and cosmeticpractice since 10 year. Recently I have learned Trichology from Dr. Rohit Shah. He has branches all over the world. So, he has patients from all over the world. I took training from Dr. Rohit Shah and the training was amazing. I learn how to make a diagnosis of PCOD, Thyroid, iron deficiency and vitamin deficiency with only scalp and hair examination,without any lab investigation. Dr Rohit Shah has very deep knowledge of all types of alopecia and he never waste money of his patient unnecessarily, if not required. Relly i learnt excellent Trichology training from Dr. Rohit Shah. During my training, I saw variety of patient like #Alopecia areata,#male hair loss #female patternbaldness, #trichotillomania etc. Amazing Doctor and since 25 years he put his all time in research and finally he has developed very amazing treatment plan for hair problem. His treatment is totally natural. There is no any medication. The results are excellent. One can visit Dr. Rohit Shah website Right now I am planning to expand my services in Dubai and Kuwait. That is my future plan.

So thank you very much to Dr. Rohit Shah.

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Dr. Vimal Tailor, Surat, India

10th August, 2018

Ms. Dipaali Patel, Surat, Gujarat

Hello friends, My name is Deepali Patel. I am a soft skill trainer. We are giving seminars to thousands of peoples for positivity in their life. No doughtly knowledge is very important in our life but our look is also very important for us. Everybody will agree with me that our hair is always very important for our external look. If I talk about me, my hair growth was decreased and the length also was not increasing. I knew Dr. Rohit Shah for the last 17 years. We also met in a program where he was a chief guest. So I recalled and thought why not contact him? I also know that he has been practicing for the last 25 years and he has more than 40 centers all over the world. I saw his progress in front of my eyes but I could not take advantage of that due to my busy schedule of work. Finally I consulted him and I started his natural treatment. After one year of treatments, my hair length and growth increased. My hair is also shining. You can see the result. Most important part of the treatment is there are no oral medicines. Only oils and hair food like masks. Hair oils are to be applied twice in a week and Hair food needs to be used twice in a month. However it depends on the types of hair loss. The applications could be variable from customer to customer. He also gave me HSR (Hair and Scalp Rejuvenation) therapy which is based on the oil, acupressure and shirodhara kind of treatment. There were three sittings which were taken by me last year. The result is very good. I need to tell you that Dr. Rohit Shah is the only best doctor in the world for any type of hair low, hair growth or alopecia treatment. He is so passionate about his work so his treatment is very successful. The results are positive and authentic. I am sharing my authenticity for the result which is seen in this video. This video is not about marketing, selling or promoting someone. It's about authentic treatment, the real reality which I am sharing with you. I am sure many people need this type of treatment at the current time. Wherever you are, you can contact him through his website. You can login to his website, put your query. He is approachable from any corner of the world. Thank you so much. Be Happy, be Healthy.

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Ms. Dipaali Patel, Life Coach, Surat, Gujarat, India

07th March, 2018

Swarnali Saha, Assam

Hi everyone, My name is Swarnali Saha. I am a Chartered Accountant by profession. Today I am going to make this video about my journey through alopecia areata and its treatment. #Alopecia areata started before 2 years but at that time I was not aware of this disease. I did not know how this disease happens and was there any treatment or not? When I noticed hair loss initially, I thought it would be okay after sometime. However it didn't stop and I found many patches on my scalp. Then I came to know that it was some other disease which was known as alopecia areata. I also found so many home remedies and doctors on internet. I also tried applying few home remedies. My hair fall was so acute and I thought home remedies might not help me. I visited Dr. Rohit Shah's website and I read many articles on his website which were very impressive. Few of my friends suggested me to try Dr. Rohit's Natural Treatments. So I started the treatment. After completion of two years treatments, I recovered all my hairs. It is growing very fast. I didn't stop the treatment because I don't want relapse of alopecia areata. Patience is required with the treatment because you may not find any results in initial months. One must have to complete at least three months treatment to get some results. As per my experience, I assure you that you will get good results after completion of 3 to 4 months of treatment. This treatment is so amazing that you will feel so relaxed using natural oils. You will be stress free when you start getting results after 3 to 4 months. I was so depressed because of alopecia areata and I was wearing scarf on my head to hide alopecia areata. I was not able to hide entire scalp so I was always in stress going to office or outside. Once I got the results, I decided to help those patients who are suffering from the same condition. My video is just a message to those patients who are stressed because of alopecia areata. As per my experience alopecia areata is treatable and not to worry. I want to thanks Dr. Rohit Shah for this amazing natural treatment for #alopecia areata.

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Swarnali Saha, C.A., Assam, India

04th May, 2018

Mr. Venkataraman, Bangaluru

Hello viewers, I am Venkataraman from Bangaluru, working in a Japanese multinational company.

I would like to record my testimony about the disease which I developed and its reflection on my body. The treatment which I underwent, finally the result got. This is the common disease which I understood globally more prevalent. I am confident; this video will help them and get back their confidence. The disease is known as Alopecia Areata. Overnight I lose my hair in #patches. The first patchy observed on the right side and it was in May 2016. My skin doctor checked it, gave me some ointment and some test were done. Then, I was also given some of the vitamin supplements. The hair was not recovering much. Then my few friends suggested me why not go on alternative treatment. Then I landed in Bangalore, Consulted reputed homeopathic Doctor. They tested me completely. They gave some UV treatment and allopathic pills, sorry.. Homeopathic pills for some other period. They said that the treatment should be taken one year plus then it is curable. The disease should not spread; if it spreads then I should control my emotions. Do not take too much stress and do some meditations, yoga etc. I kept continue that homeopathy treatment all most 3 months but patches were spreading. The first patch became two patches. Unfortunately became 4 patches. It was really shaking my confidence. I was searching for a cure. When I was browsing on Google, I landed on the page of Dr. Rohit Shah's website I was happy to see many testimonies. Many of them were completely cured which gave me confidence. Subsequently I visited Dr. Rohit's main clinic in located Surat (Gujarat). After the initial observation, he said it can be completely cured with the help of his naturopathy treatments. Approximate treatment duration could be 2 years, but it all depends on nature my body. He assured me that within 6 months the patches will not spread further. The re-growth will start after 6 month. The treatment was very simple. He gave me naturally made herbal two oils and one kind of herbal pack mask to be applied on head. The oil should be applied on the alternative nights. Herbal powder should be mixed with curd to prepare a mask. To be kept the mask on head for 90 minutes and then wash off. Mask was to apply once in a week. So, this was very easy to follow, even though in my tight schedule. I was very comfortable with that treatment. The kit was given to me was six month duration. After 3 months, I noticed there were no patches spreading. That was good. And the end of the first 6 months course, there were hair coming on the few patches but it was in white color. When I started second course of six months, means at the end of 12 months periods, the hair started growing across the all patches. Hair re-growth was in the black color. I continued the treatment further. Although I was told it will be cured after 1-2 years but recovered completely within few months. One cannot find anything on my scalp. I requested Dr. Rohit to publish all my photos which were taken during my treatment. I hope my testimony would help all the viewers who are suffering from the Alopecia areata. Please believe in Dr. Rohit natural treatment. It will help all those who are suffering from #alopecia. Wish you all good luck.

Thank you all viewers.

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Mr. Venkataraman, An Officer in Multinational Company as Leadership Role, Bangaluru, India

15th September, 2019

Dr. Anay Chandrakar, Raipur

Hello Everyone,
Myself Dr Anay Chandrakar from Raipur Chhattisgarh. I am running multispecialty Ayurveda clinic in Raipur. During my clinical practice, I came across many hair loss patients so I was looking for very natural treatment for hair loss patients. Then one of my doctor friends suggested me Dr Rohit shah's name for Trichology training. So I went Surat for Dr Rohit's Trichology training course. Dr Rohit shah is treating various types of hair loss patients with his topical natural formula since 1990. He has very deep knowledge for various types of alopecia. During my #trichology training, I came across many national and international patients, who have been successfully treated by Dr Rohit Shah. After Completion of my training, I am fully impressed and got confidence for how to treat various types of #hair loss patients. Now a am back to Raipur to serve my Raipur patients. If anybody is suffering from hair loss or alopecia, contact me soon at Shree Ayurveda.

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Dr. Anay Chandrakar, Ayurveda Physician, Raipur, India

25th July, 2016

Dr. Mahendra Patel, Surat, Gujarat

Myself Dr. Mahendra Patel. I am an MBBS doctor and I have been practicing on Bhatar road, Surat Since last 30 years. I am also practicing in skin, cosmetology and hair transplant also. Basically in allopathic there is limitation of the treatment of the hair regarding hair fall and hair growth. So I decided to find out the ultimate solutions and that is why I came in contact with Dr. Rohit Shah. I came here for the training for various types of hair loss and how Dr Rohit's Naturopathy treatment works. I came here for the training of 15 days. During the period I came across a variety of #Alopecia or different types of #hair loss patients. I am highly impressed with the result. I have also gone through hair transplantation and to maintain the status of my hairs, I have started treatment Dr. Rohit Shah. Dr Rohit is very much precise in his diagnosis. He always informed the patient whether your hair will grow back or not. Of course, now I have started those treatments for my patients at my hospital. The main advantage of the treatment is it does not contain any oral pills but only external application of some such oils, some such powders which the patient has to apply on the scalp. All these products are derived from the natural plants and 100% safe. It has not any side effect.

Thank you.

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Dr. Mahendra Patel, MBBS, Surat, Gujarat, India

10th August, 2018

Kumar Agarwal, Mumbai

Hello everyone,
My name is Kumar Agarwal. I am 22 years old. I reside in Mumbai. I am going to share my experience about how I recovered from #alopecia areata. At the age of thirteen, I realized that I am suffering from hair loss problem. I didn't realize that the disease was called alopecia areata. When I was in 8th standard, I didn't have any eyebrows. What eyebrow you can see right now is just because of ayurvedic treatment given by Dr. Rohit Shah. At the age of thirteen, there were three alopecia areata patches on my scalp and my eyebrows were completely gone. Like there was hardly any hair on my eyebrows. First I started homeopathy treatment. I took homeopathy treatment for a couple of years. It didn't work. It didn't give any results. Then I shifted from #homeopathy to allopathic. I took allopathic treatment for couple of years and also took #DPCP treatment. Neither homeopathy nor allopathy gave me any results. I was in complete despair. In 2017, I was on a trip to Singapore with my family. At Mumbai airport one flight attendant called me and asked did you suffer from alopecia areata? I answered that yes, I am suffering from hair loss. He informed me that this type of hair loss is known as alopecia areata. He informed me that he was also suffering from alopecia areata in his childhood and he was cured with an ayurveda treatment. I could not believe him because he was completely stranger for me. However I started searching for the best #ayurveda treatment for #alopecia areata. After the research, I found the only authentic name which was Dr. Rohit Shah. As soon as I returned to Mumbai from Singapore, I took an appointment of Dr. Rohit Shah at his Andheri clinic. This was in June 2017 when I started the treatment of Dr. Rohit Shah. At that time I didn't have any eyebrows and there were many patches of alopecia areata on the scalp. I hardly saw any result from June 2017 to June 2018. There were negligible results. However after completion of 12 months treatment, I started getting positive results. The first positive sign of recovery I saw was on my scalp. One of the patch on scalp was completely recovered which gave me a lot of confidence that Ayurveda treatment can actually cure alopecia areata. Then after 24 months of treatments, all my alopecia patches on the scalp and eye brows recovered. Since last 8 to 10 months, there is no hair loss or new alopecia areata patches developed. There is no recurrence of alopecia. So my alopecia areata was completely cured by Natural treatment given by Dr Rohit Shah. One more thing i would like to share with you that in Dr Rohit's treatment there is no oral pills. The treatment contains external applications of natural oils and paste. Those oils are to be applied on affected areas as per the guidance given by Dr Rohit shah. There is nothing more to do except keeping patience for results. I am just sharing you my personal experience that neither allopathic not homeopathy helped me in my condition. The only and only Dr Rohit Shah's natural treatment helped me to be free from alopecia areata. With Dr Rohit's treatment, i also took some precautions. I changed my life style. I used to eat healthy food and exercised regularly. No smoking, No alcohol in the life. I would like to recommend that believe in Ayurveda. I hope this video will help to all those patients who are suffering from alopecia areata. If you have already started Dr Rohit's natural treatments, you are in good hand. Just keep patience and you will be free from alopecia areata.

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Kumar Agarwal, Mumbai, India

24th April, 2020

Vikash Kalra, Gurgaon

Hello, my name is Vikas Kalra, I live in Gurgaon. In 2014, we noticed that our three years old daughter's hairs were losing.The hair fall was so fast that within 3 or 4 days, her whole scalp became visible. The least information which we gathered is that we need to meet a dermatologist. At that time we do not know more about alopecia and whether this disease is life threatening or not. We consulted 3-4 dermatologists near to us . They are best in their specialty but they never gave knowledge to us that they have a cure for the disease or not. They are experienced and famous in their field. They recommended us steroids and oral medicine. We followed that also for one and half years but we could not find any impact from their medicine. We could not find advantage of the treatments. We consulted all the reputed doctors. We used every type of medicine. We tried everything which we could. At that time someone told us about Dr. Rohit Shah. We gathered all the information about Dr. Rohit Shah. We did not want to lose any kind of treatment. Dr Rohit's total treatment is based on Natural oil and powder. The best part of the treatment is No oral medication, No side effects. No injection, no steroids. Nothing harmful. We started the treatment. After using, we noticed that gradually hair started growing and the volume of hair was getting back in its normal form. After two years of treatments, we noticed full recovery. Since the last 2years, we have been using oil just to avoid recurrence. We could not find any other treatment better than this. We visited many places but Dr Rohit's naturopathy is the best for #alopecia areata. Dr. Rohit Shah is the most expert doctor in this field. After getting treatment from him we gradually knew that he had treated global patients. The treatment cost is very low, just like a help for alopecia patients. We should advertise his website so that needy patients can contact him. According to our knowledge, alopecia patients would never get better treatment than this. Those who are watching this video should know that we suffered a lot but you should not. Do not waste your time. Any person who has a problem like #alopecia, can put faith on Dr. Rohit Shah with closed eyes.

Thank you.

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Vikash Kalra, Gurgaon, India

19th August, 2019

Mr. H.S. Dhaliwal, Punjab

Hello everyone,
My name is Harpreet Singh. I belong to Punjab, India. Today, I am going to tell you my alopecia story. I was having very heavy hair with beard and moustache. In the year of 2011, while hair cutting my barber told me that you are having 2-3 bald spots on your scalp. I went to local dermatologist and he gave me some pills and hair tincture to apply on bald spots. My problem was not solved but it was increasing day by day. When i took bath in the morning, my hand was full of my hair. Then i went to another very famous hospital of Punjab where I consulted dermatology department. They gave me steroid injections. All though it was very painful but I followed the process. Because of steroid injections, my hair grew back but soon after 2-3 months again hair loss started. I lost almost all hair so I have to wear a cap all the time. Then some of my friends told me that we should consult another hospital. That hospital is a very famous hospital of India but I don't want to mention the name of that hospital. In the hospital, the dermatologist told me that my condition is known as alopecia areata. He gave me oral #steroid pills and I start taking pills and my hair grew back within 2-3 months. However as soon as Dr Decrease the dose of steroid, again I started losing hair. I took steroids for 1 and half year. Because of steroids my skin was totally damaged and I put on lot of weight. Usually my body weight stays 80 -85 kg but I put on 115 kg. Because of serious side effects, I stopped using steroid pills. Once I stopped steroids, again I lost my hair and I was in the same stage as before treatment. I had to wear a cap. I was feeling very depressed. I also tried homeopathy for more than one year but there was no benefit. One I was searching on Google about treatment for alopecia came across Dr Rohit Shah's website I filled the registration form and sent my photograph to the Dr. Very next day, I received a call from Dr Rohit Shah and he explained me everything about the treatments. He also recommended me to try his naturopathy treatment and he was optimistic about good results. I applied for the treatment. In his treatment, there were two different types of oils which were to be applied before 2 hours of bed time. There was no oral medication in the treatment. Now I am in front of you and you can see I am having thick natural hair. I would like to show you my before treatment pictures so you can compare with my today's status. If anybody is suffering from #alopecia problem, don't take steroids and take the treatment from Dr Rohit Shah. I can say that he is the God for alopecia patients. He is giving his treatment for very nominal cost and it is easily affordable. I strongly recommend Dr Rohit Shah's treatment. Thank you.

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Mr. H.S. Dhaliwal, Assistant Professor, Dept. Of Electrical Engineering,
BHSB Institute of Engineering & Technology, Punjab, India

22nd February, 2016
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