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Rajan USA

I am Rajan patel, 43 year's old from USA.I was suffering from hair loss, since 2010. One day I was searching online and found the Dr. Rohit Shah website. I sent an email for my hair loss problem with pictures and he responded within 2 hours. Instantly, I placed an order for treatment and I received the package in 10 days. In the first month I did not see much significant result, but by the end of three months, 90% hair loss stopped and even new hair were started to regrow. I started Dr Rohit's HERBAL THERAPY before 12 months and now got all my hair back..

I am really grateful to Dr. Rohit Shah and his herbal medicines which are easy to apply and not at all harmful. Great part of entire therapy is no oral medication.

Rajan Patel ,

NC 27560,USA

Date 1 September 2014

Suneetha Bellamkonda USA

I am Suneetha ,26 years young lady from USA. I have been suffering from alopecia areata [patchy Hair loss] since last 2 years. I consulted allopathic doctors and spent lot of money but i didn't see any kind of change in my Hair fall. In fact many i had many side effects like hormonal Imbalance, allergies etc. So I stopped using it. Again, I consulted Homeopathy but I didn’t see any change in my hair fall. The Patches and existing patch size were increasing day by day. I wasted 1 year time and money with allopathic and Homeopathy treatments.
One day, I was goggling for my problem. I found Dr Rohit's Alopecia Treatment Centre ,who offers only natural and external therapy for alopecia areata. I called him and described my problems and sent photos of my Patches. I took 6 months course; I noticed hair roots in my Patches in just 2 weeks. After completing 6months course, I noticed 80% improvement in my Hair loss and one Patch is completely covered and hair roots in another patch. I feel better about my self and so glad I discovered this! I will continue to use this product forever ! Entire therapy is topical herbal products without any oral medications !
Especially, I would like to appreciate Dr Rohit Shah. He is very great doctor. He builds confidence in his patients and very responsible, sincere and I am very thankful to him for introducing this kind of awesome products. He responses very quick and provides updates regarding shipping details very quick the moment we order it. I recommend this natural therapy to anyone who suffers alopecia areata or any other types of hair loss..
Suneetha Bellamkonda
Date 13 February 2014

Bridgette Bain United States

Four months ago my hair was extremely course, my scalp was very dry and my hair was extremely thin and patchy. Not only have I seen results, I also regained my self confidence.

I would encourage any one that is suffering from alopecia to start therapy with Dr. Rohit. The advange is, it works, it's 100% Herbal, and there are absolutely NO SIDE EFFECTS.



Thanks Doc. Rohit you and your Herbal Treatment are the best.

Bridgette Bain
United States
2nd July 2008

See Before and After Pictures of patient Bridgette Bain ...
Lindsay USA

A story of a happy little girl who re-grew all of her blond hair after suffering from Alopecia Areata.
In March of 2011, I woke my five year old daughter up to get her ready for school. ? While picking ?her up out of bed, I noticed a big clump of blonde hair on her bed. Since her daddy and she liked to cut the hair on her Barbie dolls, I didn’t think anything of it. That morning, I washed her hair as usual, and when I went to blow dry it, I noticed a quarter shaped bald spot on the back of her head. The Barbie hair in her bed was not Barbie hair at all, it was her hair, and I had absolutely no idea why it had fallen out. I called my mom, who is a hairdresser, and had just cut her hair a couple days before. I asked her if she had noticed anything. She hadnrsquot. She thought the neighborhood kids were probably playing and pulled her hair out on accident. Okay, maybe, but why was it in her bed? So I let it go.
One month later, in April of 2011, the one bald spot on the back of her head began to grow and expand. Not only did it start to grow but other spots showed up on her left and right sides. ?You have no idea what goes through your mind as a parent when your child is losing their hair in clumps, basically, going bald before your eyes. You think they have every disease known to mankind. I called my daughter's pediatrician and got her in for an appointment. They did blood work and took a hair sample. Blood work and hair sample both came back normal. I called for a dermatology appt. With an HMO, it was going to take 4 months to get in, and “we’re sorry, there is nothing we can do about that. I was not willing to stand by and watch my beautiful little kindergartner go bald.
By May of 2011, Lindsay had lost approximately 1/3 of her beautiful blond hair. Thank goodness she is fair and her hair is light, as the bald spots were easily concealed. But I could not stand by and watch her hair fall out. I was not going to have her show up to first grade with a bald head. So I did some research on the internet. What I found was I read Trichologist Holly McGuffin's story, saw her before and after photos, and said,all give it a try, I have nothing to lose. So I emailed her some pictures and we scheduled a phone consultation. She explained that based on Lindsay's balding pattern that she had a type of alopecia called ophiasis alopecia area because of the shape and severity of her hair loss. She explained the treatment program, that it involved massaging oil on her head every night for a year and a half and putting a mud mask on her head every two weeks. The thing that appealed to me the most was that the treatment involved the use of topical ayurvedic herbs with absolutely nothing to be taken internally and absolutely no side effects. This seemed like a safe approach and if it worked, well worth the commitment of a nightly application.
Lindsay started her treatment in July of 2011. By February of 2012, 7 months after starting treatment, every single bald spot on Lindsay's head had filled in with new, thick, beautiful blonde hair. I am still using the treatment for little while longer as recommended to avoid a reoccurrence. Lindsay can now wear pony tails with no bald spots showing and I don't have to worry about my little girl being self conscious about her hair. This product is truly amazing and wonderful. I tell everybody about it in the case that they may have a friend who is suffering from a similar condition. The reason I feel compelled to spread the word is because my experience with the medical field in America is that they know absolutely nothing about using natural substances to enhance hair growth.? Dermatologists will give you all kinds of expensive medication that only has a minimal and temporary impact and often is accompanied by many unpleasant side effects. This is not like that. This is long term and it fixes what is broken, it does't cover it up and create a reliance on a product. Though the company does not claim long term effects, just look at the testimonials. Many people have tried this and have had lasting results. I rather have evidence than empty claims, and the testimonials speak for themselves.
It is now April of 2012. It is one year almost to the day that Lindsay developed her first quarter shaped bald spot in the back of her head. She now has a beautiful full head of hair, she can wear pony tails with no fear of her bald spot showing, and is she actually growing her hair long like a mermaid. I am so thankful for this product. It works. It gives hope where the medical profession provides absolutely none, at least in my experience.
The other thing that we did as part of her treatment program was to supplement her diet with zinc and biotin, as these two minerals are supposed to aide in hair growth. I think the combination of the three treatments really worked to help my daughter grow back a full head of beautiful hair. Thank you Holly McGuffin for your story and help in coordinating Lindsay's treatment plan. Thank you Dr. Rohit for offering hope and a solution to people who are suffering from hair loss.This product is a very real, very solid solution. This has been a blessing to my daughter and my family and I hope that her story will inspire others to try this product as well.

Our experience with the dermatologist
Here is my dermatologist visit story. One month after starting the herb treatment, and four months after her hair started falling out; we had the pleasure of visiting the dermatologist. This is how the visit went. Doctor looked at my daughter’s hair for about 5 seconds and then left the room. He came back in with two textbooks from 1986 and began reading a passage about alopecia areata. He held up his hand mid stream and said, I know this is a lot to take in. I said, Actually it's not, I read this all on the internet, I know what she has, I'm here to figure out how to fix it. He then proceeded to tell me about steroids and medication and all of these horrible things with side effects but the prognosis is not good. I just have to say, thank God I had the hope of the ayurvedic herbs on my side or I just would have gone home and waited for my beautiful daughter's hair to fall out. So I told the Dr., You know, I know your a medical doctor and you may not believe in alternative medicine but I want to tell you about something we have been using. I proceeded to tell him about the oil and the biweekly mud mask and he stopped me before I could finish and said, In 80% of the cases, the hair grows back, so I hope you are not spending too much money on whatever it is you are using. He then proceeded to tell me that I could take mud from his back yard and rub it on her head and her hair would probably grow back. Not only was this insulting and insensitive, I felt horrible for people that would come see this doctor looking for answers to be given information like this. Thankfully, Lindsay and I had hope in our back pocket and were already witnessing a response to the treatment. It was a month into treatment with the oils and her bald spots had little bitty blond stubbles in them. They were no longer smooth and shiny. I knew it was working. The doctor was so short sighted and rigid, with his 1986 medical books, that he failed to appreciate possible alternatives to hair loss and actually put them down and discouraged their usage. I feel sorry for families who look to dermatologists for answers and get treated like this. It's really shameful that they are even allowed to say they know anything about hair loss. Barring a medical condition that is causing the problem, use this product, save your money and skip the dermatologist. It was a disheartening experience that I would't wish on anyone. So skip the Dr. and try something that really works and has had long lasting effects on many of Holly & Dr. Rohit's patients worldwide.


Trina Brown, ?(mother of Lindsay)
15 may 2012

Sandeep USA

For my alopecia areata problem, i have tried allopathy medicines in USA as well as India but i had lot of side effects in using those medications.
I consulted the best Dermatologists in India and US but nothing helped me.
Finally i found Dr Rohit's natural treatments on internet and i started it.
After 12 months of therapy i have recovered a lot.
I am yet to recover completely but with the help of Herbal treatment that i am going to be normal soon.
I would recommend Dr Rohit's Herbal treatment to anyone who suffers from alopecia areata.
Dr Rohit's Herbal therapy is the only one which contains no oral medication and has no side effects.

I am thankful to Dr Rohit for for such a great treatment.

Ranjit Santarsiero UK


I am Ranjit from united kingdom.
5 months after the birth of my 2nd child my family noticed a circle bald patch in the centre of my hair, everyone was frightened thinking what it could be.?
It got me so low as I have always been someone who love to wash and leave my hair down but the bald patch didn't stop
I had another large bald patche on the side, centre and a few ?in the back of my head
I consulted my Gp who diagnosed me with alopecia areata, I began to have steroid injections into my scalp.
For some reason I was not convinced and researched on line where I found Dr Rohit Shah, who was offering only topical herbal treatment without any pills.
My heart and mind kept telling me to try his treatment and with such great support and immediate replys from Dr Rohit I began my treatment.
After 4 months I noticed how my hair was growing back.
From atleast 7 patches I only have 1 patch which has not fully grown.
I would just like to thank Dr Rohit for this treatment and the immediate replies to all my questions queries and worries.
Thank you so much Dr Rohit .
I recommend anyone with alopecia to try this treatment, don't delay to try it.
You maybe lucky like some of us
Thank you

Ranjit Santarsiero,
22 August 2012


Hello Dr Rohit and Trichologist Holly,

It appears right now that about 80-85% of hair have been recovered in the chin area since I started massaging the oil. Therefore, it could very likely be a consequence of the treatment oil.

If this is real, I'd say keep doing what you guys have been doing because this is a very embarrassing disease for some because I had to shave my beard for about 6-8 months everyday before I started seeing hair on my chin and now I can be laid back with my shaving schedule it won't make no difference at all.

I'm still using the oil as a preventive measure and I hope it keeps working.

Thanks again,
14-06- 2013

Elada Eladashvili Georgia

The therapy process is simple. Using the oils and paste are very convenient. Elada Eladashvili, Georgia

I was suffering from alopecia areata since I was 3 years old and from that time I was periodically losing and then returning my hair. I had tried various treatments. In 2010, I started using steroids. It helped temporary but time to time I was losing the hair again. In February 2013, I found Dr. Rohit's web site by internet and decided to try herbal and natural therapy. From the end of February, I started using this treatment and in May 2013, I started getting the result. My hair stopped falling and 90 percent of my hair was restored. Dr. Rohit's gave me the quick reply to all my queries and once I placed an order for the treatment, within 17 days I received the products at my house. The therapy process is simple. Using the oils and paste are very convenient, painless and easy. Now I am on the sixth month of my treatment and I am going to continue it until I defeat this horrible disease and I am sure I will do it with the help of Dr Rohit's herbal therapy.

Elada Eladashvili, Georgia-Tbilis, Georgia
Date 26 August 2013

Marry L. Japan

I have received the products. The packaging is wonderful and the explanations are clear.

Thank you for the quality and prompt service. I am impressed and really appreciate it.

Marry L.
Fukushima. Japan

Cheryl USA

Something good is happening!  My existing hair is getting thick again. The large patch in the back is filling in. My hair seems to be growing from back to front. The top/front  is also filling in and there is fine new growth where hair has not grown for over 5 years. Hair is no longer falling out like before with so much left in bathtub after a shower or shampoo. Scalp irritation is very diminished. Only once in a while my scalp will get itchy.  I am happy to see there has been change in as little as five months. With other therapies I've tried, many months or even 1-2 years would pass with either no results or worsening hair conditions. I feel relieved and very hopeful now and it's a little easier to be patient.



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