Fight Your Hair Fall Problem With Alopecia Natural Hair Treatment

Alopecia Arteta is a clinical condition which is passed on genetically and plagues around 0.5% of the world’s population. Although these statistics are considered unreliable due to massive underreporting, as people often mistaken this serious condition with the natural onset of hair loss and baldness. We at Alopecia treatment center can’t stress the importance of consulting a skin and hair specialist, enough. If you feel that you have lately been unaffected by unnatural hair fall and strange patches, you shouldn’t waste any time in seeing a professional. Acute hairfall can be a precursor to a number of serious diseases like Alopecia, and its important for you to know about it early to properly manage it and seek appropriate treatment. At Alopecia treatment center we have successfully treated thousands of patients using the wonders of Ayurveda and today we’ll tell you all about why Ayurvedic natural therapy is effective for Alopecia, where conventional medicine has failed.


  • The first thing you should convince yourself for is hair loss herbal treatment. While Medical professionals have long frowned upon Ayurveda as a pseudoscience, The balance in tilt has shifted and more and more people are turning towards it for treating a number of conditions. You should be clear about the efficacy of hair fall treatment through herbal methodologies before you look further into it. We trust your intelligence to find on the internet, numerous scientific papers and researches which have proven these methods effective. You can always call us for any further doubts and queries.

  • ‘Dosha’: The concept of ayurvedic treatment for hair loss and Alopecia is based around the principle of ‘doshas’ in the body. There are three types of Doshas in the body, namely ‘Pitta’, ‘Vata’ and ‘Kapha’. According to Ayurveda, hair fall is caused due to the imbalance of ‘Pitta’ dosha. ‘Pitta’ dosha is directly linked to digestion and metabolism and any imbalance can severely impact body hair follicles. Hair loss treatment, in Ayurveda works towards addressing this problem of balancing the doshas. At Alopecia care, Dr. Rohit has devised an intricate methodology from his experience of over 30 years as one of the topmost Ayurvedic practitioners in India. His practical and methodological approach has helped patients overcome

  • Ointments: The next step which is common for almost all herbal hair loss clinics is prescriptions of ointments. Ayurveda relies heavily on natural herbs and all its ingredients are extracted from forests. ‘Bhringraj’ also known as the king of herbs is by far the most commonly found ingredient in herbal ointments for hair loss. At Alopecia care we use only the highest quality ingredients and grades of ‘Bhringraj’, which are extracted with care by professionals. Our ointments have had an over 20 year history in helping hair follicles grow back, which has left us with thousands of satisfied customers.


We have told you some basic things which are a part of herbal treatment for hair loss. It’s important to note that individual doctors have developed their own methods over the years due to lack of standardization in Herbal treatments. If you have any further questions or queries about Herbal treatment, please call us and our team will be more than glad to assist you.