Important Things About Alopecia That One Must Know

Alopecia refers to hair loss, which is a medical condition where the hair falls out in the shape of round patches. The hair can easily fall out on the scalp along with anywhere on the body. This condition can result in different kinds of hair loss, the types having different names such as the following:

  • Alopecia areata (hair loss occurring in patches)
  • Alopecia totalis (losing all hair from the scalp)
  • Alopecia Universalis (losing entire hair from the body)

Following are a few essential things about alopecia that one must know about:

Alopecia Areata is the most common kind
Alopecia refers to an autoimmune disease where the immune system firstly attacks the hair follicles. The hair falls in small and round patches in about the size of merely a quarter. In some of the cases, people will have only a few bare patches; however, in others, hair loss can further progress to including the entire scalp, body, and face. However, hair fall treatment is possible by the professionals.

There is no age bar
It could thus happen to anyone of any age, and there is no such age bar. It tends to appear in childhood and could surface at any age while can also disappear for decades. It is usually common to have the disease as a kid and have it disappear while coming back again 20 years later.

Hair loss is temporary
Alopecia areata does not damage the ability of the hair to grow back. The immune cells come in and then surround the hair follicles. This stops them from producing hair, and once the immune system settles down, the hair then grows back like earlier.

Source can be hereditary
Both kinds of alopecia can be passed down by family members. If any of your family members have experienced hair loss before, you can be a lot more prone to hair loss. This points to the statistics which reveal that one in five people with alopecia will have one family member previously suffered from alopecia.

It is not that rare
Around 2% of people are affected by this condition in their lifetime. This is a slightly higher percentage than the normal. The statistics reveal a higher percentage when it comes to some particular degree of hair loss among female.

Stress is a major reason
Stress is a lot like fuel for inflammation. Hence, those suffering from this condition along with other autoimmune diseases, stress can further heighten and launch the hair loss. This is why medication, exercise, along with other stress-relief therapies, can help.

A balanced diet can be helpful
Hair is made of a protein named keratin and diets which are extremely low in protein might be associated with hair loss. Low iron diets can further affect hair loss; hence, the best advice is a balanced diet. Alopecia areata natural treatment is available for individuals who wish to treat the condition in a natural process.
These are the critical things about alopecia that one needs to know about.