Important Things About Hair Loss That Every Women Must Know

The stressful life and changing lifestyle habits are highly impacting hair health in women and leading to many hair problems such as hair loss, thin and brittle hair and dandruff. Women usually feel more depressed and sadder when they are facing issues of hair loss. They dread balding and hair loss is the first step towards balding. There are certain things that women must know about the hair loss problem. Some of these main things are being mentioned below:

Excessive hair styling can harm your hair

Your hair problem may be due to excessive hair styling. Excessive hair styling includes using hair dyes regularly. These dyes are filled with chemicals and over use of these chemicals can make your hair thin, brittle and can make them fall. Using hair extensions can also make your hair being weighed down and pulled out. Try to put less stress on your hair and let them move freely.

Stress is a major culprit

The women suffering from stress from a long time are at high risk of suffering hair loss. Stress can impact stimulation of hormones leading to change in hormone levels that can make your hair thin. Doing exercise, yoga or playing any active sport can relieve stress indirectly impacting your hair health. Also try to have complete sleep and go out for vacation to get relief from your stress. It can serve as a natural hair loss treatment.

You may be suffering from a medical condition

An underlying medical condition can lead to hair loss in women. Medical conditions such as an underactive thyroid, suffering from anaemia, disorders related to hormones such as oestrogen, polycystic ovaries or lupus can lead to hair loss in women. If your hair loss is not reducing with time, then you must consult a hair loss specialist and get diagnosed for the main problem. As the main problem will get cured, the hair loss will automatically reduce.

Protein for your hair

Protein is extremely vital for your hair health as hairs are made up of keratin, a natural protein. Having a diet which is rich in protein can make your hair healthier and can reduce hair problems. Protein rich diets such as fish, meat and eggs can make your hair healthier.

Genes have a role to play in hair health

Genetics is considered as one of the most important factor that affects your hair. The genes hired from both male and female parents can make your hair much more susceptible to hair problems.

Whether it is genetics or stress, both have a role to play in health of hair. Hair loss can be due to medical condition or may be due to deficiency of protein rich diet. There are many things that impact your hair health and it is important to know what these things are so that you can focus on these to improve your hair health. But it is important that you must get to the cause of the problem and for that you must visit alopecia specialist.