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Alopecia (hair loss) treatment
Alopecia (hair loss) treatment
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Nevil Antala India

Neither I nor my father had ever heard about trichotillomania. Nevil Antala, India

Male Pattern Baldness Natural Treatment      

My name is Nevil and I am 16 years old. I am a student and staying in hostel which is far from my home. I was having home sickness and a little stressed about study. When my father came to meet me at my hostel, he noticed a significant hair loss in my frontal area of scalp. He took me to Dr. Rohit who explained about my condition which was diagnosed as trichotillomania. Neither I nor my father had ever heard about trichotillomania. My father was shocked after knowing that I, myself was pulling the hair from my scalp. Dr Rohit explained everything in detail about trichotillomania and gave some valuable advice about how to fight with such condition. He also provided me few natural oil and natural paste to be applied on scalp. I followed Dr Rohit`s every instructions and started using herbal products. Within 6 months, I got my lost hair back and I also become free from the habit of pulling my own hair. I had given my consent to publish my case on Dr Rohit's website because I want to help patients like me. As per my own experience, if patient starts timely treatment, Trichotillomania is curable.

Nevil Antala, India.
27 march 2013

Trina Brown USA

A story of a happy little girl who re-grew all of her blond hair after suffering from Alopecia Areata. Trina Brown, USA

In March of 2011, I woke my five year old daughter up to get her ready for school. While picking her up out of bed, I noticed a big clump of blonde hair on her bed. Since her daddy and she liked to cut the hair on her Barbie dolls, I didn’t think anything of it. That morning, I washed her hair as usual, and when I went to blow dry it, I noticed a quarter shaped bald spot on the back of her head. The Barbie hair in her bed was not Barbie hair at all, it was her hair, and I had absolutely no idea why it had fallen out. I called my mom, who is a hairdresser, and had just cut her hair a couple days before. I asked her if she had noticed anything. She thought the neighbourhood kids were probably playing and pulled her hair out on accident. Okay, maybe, but why was it in her bed? So I let it go.

One month later, in April of 2011, the one bald spot on the back of her head began to grow and expand. Not only did it start to grow but other spots showed up on her left and right sides. You have no idea what goes through your mind as a parent when your child is losing their hair in clumps, basically, going bald before your eyes. You think they have every disease known to mankind. I called my daughter's paediatrician and got her in for an appointment. They did blood work and took a hair sample. Blood work and hair sample both came back normal. I called for a dermatology appt. With an HMO, it was going to take 4 months to get in, and “we’re sorry, there is nothing we can do about that. I was not willing to stand by and watch my beautiful little kindergartner go bald.

By May of 2011, Lindsay had lost approximately 1/3 of her beautiful blond hair. Thank goodness she is fair and her hair is light, as the bald spots were easily concealed. But I could not stand by and watch her hair fall out. I was not going to have her show up to first grade with a bald head. So I did some research on the internet. What I found was I read Trichologist Holly McGuffin's story, saw her before and after photos, and said, all give it a try, I have nothing to lose. So I emailed her some pictures and we scheduled a phone consultation. She explained that based on Lindsay's balding pattern that she had a type of alopecia called ophiasis alopecia area because of the shape and severity of her hair loss. She explained the treatment program, that it involved massaging oil on her head every night for a year and a half and putting a mud mask on her head every two weeks. The thing that appealed to me the most was that the treatment involved the use of topical ayurvedic herbs with absolutely nothing to be taken internally and absolutely no side effects. This seemed like a safe approach and if it worked, well worth the commitment of a nightly application.

Lindsay started her treatment in July of 2011. By February of 2012, 7 months after starting treatment, every single bald spot on Lindsay's head had filled in with new, thick, beautiful blonde hair. I am still using the treatment for little while longer as recommended to avoid a reoccurrence. Lindsay can now wear pony tails with no bald spots showing and I don't have to worry about my little girl being self conscious about her hair. This product is truly amazing and wonderful. I tell everybody about it in the case that they may have a friend who is suffering from a similar condition. The reason I feel compelled to spread the word is because my experience with the medical field in America is that they know absolutely nothing about using natural substances to enhance hair growth. Dermatologists will give you all kinds of expensive medication that only has a minimal and temporary impact and often is accompanied by many unpleasant side effects. This is not like that. This is long term and it fixes what is broken, it does't cover it up and create a reliance on a product. Though the company does not claim long term effects, just look at the testimonials. Many people have tried this and have had lasting results. I rather have evidence than empty claims, and the testimonials speak for themselves.

It is now April of 2012. It is one year almost to the day that Lindsay developed her first quarter shaped bald spot in the back of her head. She now has a beautiful full head of hair, she can wear pony tails with no fear of her bald spot showing, and is she actually growing her hair long like a mermaid. I am so thankful for this product. It works. It gives hope where the medical profession provides absolutely none, at least in my experience.

The other things that we did as part of her treatment program was to supplement her diet with zinc and biotin, as these two minerals are supposed to aide in hair growth. I think the combination of the three treatments really worked to help my daughter grow back a full head of beautiful hair. Thank you Holly McGuffin for your story and help in coordinating Lindsay's treatment plan. Thank you Dr. Rohit for offering hope and a solution to people who are suffering from hair loss. This product is a very real, very solid solution. This has been a blessing to my daughter and my family and I hope that her story will inspire others to try this product as well.

Our experience with the dermatologist

Here is my dermatologist visit story. One month after starting the herb treatment, and four months after her hair started falling out; we had the pleasure of visiting the dermatologist. This is how the visit went. Doctor looked at my daughter’s hair for about 5 seconds and then left the room. He came back in with two textbooks from 1986 and began reading a passage about alopecia areata. He held up his hand mid stream and said, I know this is a lot to take in. I said, Actually it's not, I read this all on the internet, I know what she has, I'm here to figure out how to fix it. He then proceeded to tell me about steroids and medication and all of these horrible things with side effects but the prognosis is not good. I just have to say, thank God I had the hope of the ayurvedic herbs on my side or I just would have gone home and waited for my beautiful daughter's hair to fall out. So I told the Dr., You know, I know you’re a medical doctor and you may not believe in alternative medicine but I want to tell you about something we have been using. I proceeded to tell him about the oil and the biweekly mud mask and he stopped me before I could finish and said, In 80% of the cases, the hair grows back, so I hope you are not spending too much money on whatever it is you are using. He then proceeded to tell me that I could take mud from his back yard and rub it on her head and her hair would probably grow back. Not only was this insulting and insensitive, I felt horrible for people that would come see this doctor looking for answers to be given information like this. Thankfully, Lindsay and I had hope in our back pocket and were already witnessing a response to the treatment. It was a month into treatment with the oils and her bald spots had little bitty blond stubbles in them. They were no longer smooth and shiny. I knew it was working. The doctor was so short sighted and rigid, with his 1986 medical books, that he failed to appreciate possible alternatives to hair loss and actually put them down and discouraged their usage. I feel sorry for families who look to dermatologists for answers and get treated like this. It's really shameful that they are even allowed to say they know anything about hair loss. Barring a medical condition that is causing the problem, use this product, save your money and skip the dermatologist. It was a disheartening experience that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. So skip the Dr. and try something that really works and has had long lasting effects on many of Holly & Dr. Rohit's patients worldwide.

Trina Brown (mother of Lindsay), CA, USA.
15 May 2012

Michelle USA

First I must say that Dr. Rohit Shah has made HOPE available for anyone who has been diagnosed with alopecia.

Natural Hair Treatment for Hair Growth      

Dr. Shah is for real and the products he offers for alopecia actually work. When you realize that it is up to YOU to take a course of action and when you feel like no one in the modern medicine world come to a realization that this is happening to YOU. All of the emotions you feel can be overwhelming. Weather you have just a small patch of hair this is all of a sudden missing or a patch that grows as big as your fist...the feelings are the same...insecurity, denial, fear, dread...but there is HOPE. I found it with Dr. Rohit Shah.

I am a 48 year old female and I never had any issues with thinning hair or hair loss until November 2015 at which time I noticed a very small bald spot on the top of my head. By January 2016 the bald spot had grown to the size of a half dollar. I did nothing! I was in denial. I could not bring myself to do research on the internet. I could not look at or read about alopecia without feeling physically sick.

In March 2016 the hair loss on the top of my head had doubled and seemed to be getting worse daily! My husband convinced me to make an appointment with a dermatologist. He told me that I had alopecia and gave me several shots in the scalp of cortisone and sent me home with a prescription cortisone cream. I applied the cream daily and waited for it to get better. It didn't get better. The spot got bigger and there was no denying that I had a problem. It was getting worse. By June of 2016 I had 3 patches of hair missing and most of the hair on the top of my head was just disappearing. I was in dread, in denial and felt paralyzed by what was happening. I regretted not doing something earlier and yet I still could not bring myself to go back to the dermatologist. All of the alopecia research I did online left me with thoughts of despair and trip after trip to the dermatologist with little or no success. At my husband's urging I made another appointment with the dermatologist to get more shots and called my OB/GYN for a hormonal workup as I came to terms with what was happening to me. I also went off birth control pills.

Well, I did not go to that second dermatologist appointment. I found the Alopecia Treatment Center website. I read and re-read the testimonials. I looked for reviews online for the Alopecia Treatment Center. I wondered if this was for real. It took me several days get the courage to place my order, but I did it. I didn't have anything to lose.

I ordered my kit June 2016 and it only took about 7 days to receive it. I was thrilled there were no delays or customs issues. The Kit came neatly packed with directions. I couldn't wait to start applying the hair oils that night. The oils are pleasant and not at all noxious or overwhelming in smell. And so my journey began. Every other night I rubbed the hair oils into my scalp and went to bed with a shower cap on. Every other Sunday I applied to hair food packet to my whole head as directed. I probably did not see any improvement in hair growth for the first 2 months. In fact when I massaged the hair oils into my scalp my hands would be full of hair! That made me nervous ...but I had to realize that the hair falling out was hair that had basically died 3 months earlier. I had to change the way I wore my hair to conceal the bald spots and even used hair fibres to hide my scalp. I would say that it took until mid September 2016 for me to see and actually feel hair growth. I also did not have any more bald spots crop up anywhere else on my scalp much to my relief. It is now January 2nd 2017 and I have absolutely no bald spots or signs of thinning hair. I am happy. I have a full head of hair after just 6 months of treatment. And my hair has grown in thicker too! I am forever grateful to you Dr. Shah. Thank you!!!

Michelle Suppa, California, USA.
3 January 2017

Karin Darella USA

Female Hair Loss Treatment      

If you have been fortunate enough to have found Dr. Shah, then you have been given a gift. If not for yourself, or a family member, perhaps you have a friend or know of someone who is praying for a miracle find. While I cannot guarantee each outcome to be the same, as each patient is unique. I can assure you that if there is a potential for hair growth, Dr. Shah can and will make it happen!

Dr. Rohit Shah and his Alopecia natural treatment has been life changing for my daughter. There is no greater pain than seeing your child suffer and to feel helpless as a parent. I am sharing my story with you and encourage you to try Dr. Shah's pure, and all natural herbal hair care products.

One evening in late September 2013, I noticed a large round smooth bald patch on my nine year old daughters scalp. I had never seen something like this before. I quickly scheduled a visit with her paediatrician for the very next morning. The doctor diagnosed her with having Alopecia Areata. An autoimmune disease which causes hair loss, and worse news was that there was no cure for this. We were referred to a local University Medical Center - Paediatric Dermatology Group. We soon began treatments which consisted of steroid injections into her scalp and topical chemical treatments as well. The injections were extremely painful. She endured 50 - 100 at a time every month, for five months. We were also given many different topical treatments as well, which caused burning and sensitivity and left her in a great deal of discomfort. These did nothing to help her and by December she had hair loss of 60% and by the end of February she had 90% hair loss and by March 100% loss. It was Areata Totalis (total scalp hair loss). Statistics show that there is a 15% chance for hair re-growth when this occurs. I was devastated. I knew that I had to continue to find help for her. Meanwhile, we were instructed to continue using the harsh topical chemicals and I purchased a wig for my daughter. I cannot explain in words how this affected my daughter, her elder sister, my husband and me.

In May, I took my daughter to a Metabolic and Nutritional doctor who did a complete work up of tests. Her blood work results showed that she was severely allergic to both Gluten and Dairy and that she was lacking some critical vitamins that she needed to boost her immune system. I put her on a strict diet and she began taking supplements morning, noon and evening. Her hair began to grow and we were thrilled. This continued and by February she had 95% re-growth and was comfortable to remove her wig. Sadly, by April she developed another bald spot. The idea of more chemical injections that were not only painful but harmful was not what my daughter or I wanted to do again. So, I began to research online and found Dr. Rohit’s

After reading about Dr. Rohit Shah and his topical natural treatment, seeing results of some of the patients he has helped, I took a chance and contacted Holly McGuffin, his representative here in the US. Within a few hours Holly had called me from her cell phone. It was not a typical business call at all. She was informative and very caring. We chatted for a while and she felt that my daughter would be a great candidate for Dr. Shah's herbal oil therapy and encouraged me to try them. I couldn't have been more excited to get started. The order process was easy and arrived fairly quickly from India.

We have been using the oils and herbal hair mask faithfully for a year now and will continue with Dr. Shah's full treatment time as instructed by him, for her. We have complete confidence in Dr. Shah. My daughter has had wonderful results and is doing very well and I am forever grateful to Dr. Shah for his help.

Good luck and God Bless.

Karin Darella, New Jersey, USA.
26 JULY 2016

See Before and After Pictures of patient Karin Darella ...
Harpreet singh India

I recommend Dr Rohit’s Natural Treatment for anyone who suffers alopecia areata. Prof. Dhaliwal, India.

Hello Everyone,

My name is Harpreet singh. I belong to Sangrur Punjab.

Today i am going to explain you my alopecia story. I was having very healthy hair, beard and moustache. In 2011 while hair cutting my barber informed me that i have 2-3 bald patches on my scalp. I went to a local dermatologist. He gave me some treatment. But my problem was not solved. I noticed that while taking bath my hand was full of hair. Then i went to a very famous hospital of Punjab and I consulted another dermatologist who prescribed me some types of steroids. He also gave me steroid injection on my scalp. All though, it was very painful process, I followed the treatment. Because of this treatment, my hair grew but once I stopped the treatment, my hair fallen out again. I was looking bald so i was wearing cap all the time. One of my friends suggested to go to another hospital, so i went to most reputed hospital of India (I don’t want to mention the name, because it is most famous hospital in India.) I consulted one dermatologist over there. He prescribed me steroid pills again. I started taking steroids pills and my hair also started grew again within 2-3 months. Once the doctor decreased the dose of steroid, i started losing my hair again. I took steroid pills for one and half year. Because of that my skin was totally damaged and my body structure was out of my control. I gained a lot of weight. My body weight reached up to 115 kgs, usually it was 80 kgs. Because of these side effects, I decided not to continue this treatment. After stopping the treatment, I was in the same stage and loosed 90% of my hair.

I was very depressed. I also tried homeopathy more than one year but there was no benefit. One of my friends suggested me that I should try Ayurveda which has cure for alopecia areata. One day I was searching on Google for Ayurveda treatment for alopecia areata, I found Dr. Rohit’s I filled up the registration form given on the website and also submitted few photograph of affected area. On the next day, i received a reply from Dr. Rohit Shah and he explained me everything in details. He also explained me why natural treatment is best for alopecia areata and he was optimistic about good result in my case. All though I was sceptical, I started his topical natural therapy. There was no oral medication in his treatment. He provided me two different types of oil and herbal paste to be applied on the scalp. I started to follow his instructions strictly. The applications were so easy which did not disturb my daily routine. After 3-4 months of applications, I started re-grow process on my scalp. After 12 months of treatment, 90% recovery was noticed.

I recommend Dr Rohit’s Natural Treatment for anyone who suffers alopecia areata. I strongly believe Dr. Rohit Shah is just like a God for alopecia areata patients. He provides the treatment for very nominal and affordable cost.

Thank You.

Mr. H.S. Dhaliwal, Assistant Professor, Dept. Of Electrical Engineering,
BHSB Institute of Engineering & Technology, Sangrur (Punjab)
Date: 1st March, 2016

Veena Hong Kong


Dear Dr Rohit Shah,

I am so happy to come across your website whilst I was desperately looking for a solution for Alopecia in November 2013.

In OCT 2013, when I was washing my hair, lots of hair started falling which really gave me a big scare; I thought it was due to the colour treatment or shampoo I had used, however, it kept falling in batches even whilst I used to comb my hair. I ran to my hair stylist and told him to give me a trip, perhaps I had not had a hair cut in a while, but even the Hair stylist noticed that whilst he was combing my hair, it just continued to fall and fall and suggested that it could be an internal problem. I tried to apply almond oil and various oils at home and also tried to use ginger, garlic, onion juice to rub my scalp, but my hair continued to fall. My Mother noticed two very small bald spots on my scalp and told me that this could be ''Chore Baal '' in English '' Hair Robbers ''

So, I immediately consulted with a Dermatologist, who took a blood test and also saw my scalp and said that I had Alopecia and also from my blood test, I had an IRON Deficiency, so these two things could be causing the severe Hair Fall. She prescribed me some Iron Tablets and some cream to apply topically.

I soon consulted with an Ayurvedic Doctor in Hong Kong who said that there was an Imbalance in my body and that I had to bring it back to balance through correcting my Diet/Lifestyle and incorporating Yoga into my life and being relaxed. So, he guided me according to my Doshas, what I should be eating and not be eating. In the midst of all this I started practising Yoga to improve my Blood Circulation, especially to my scalp and also was very serious about my Pranayamas (Breathing Exercises). I stopped eating Fried, Spicy and Oily food and stopped eating outside food for 4-5 months. I became very aware of what I was putting into my body and that everything I do is healthy and good for my Hair growth. I ate on time, woke up on time, slept on time. It was a discipline I had to follow if I wanted to recover quickly and with a positive mindset and attitude.

Soon after I consulted a Hair Specialist in Hong Kong and I took their treatments for about 3 months which reduce my hair falling but at the same time I was looking for a long term solution which was natural and inexpensive.

I came across Dr Rohit's website and send him my hair photos and he immediately responded, saying that I should start the natural treatments soon. But since I was going to visit India in Jan 2014, thus, I waited it out to meet him personally. Once I paid for the natural therapy and the product was delivered very soon to my Mumbai address and in March 2014, I started using his treatments. Today, it is November 2014 and I have fully recovered all my hair, I have a full scalp once again, due to the oils, hair food, proper diet, exercise, relaxation, positive thinking and a lot of support from all the doctors, friends and family, especially my Mother, who made sure I was getting the right treatment.

It will still take a while for my hair to grow back to the length I used to have it, but my hairs now are much thicker and healthier. I have stopped using harsh chemicals on my hair; I only use Dr Rohit Shah's Herbal Oils, Hair Food.

This situation has taught be a big lesson in life. Which is to lead a balanced life with proper diet, exercise, balance and to treat my hair with gentle, love, care and attention and not to take anything for granted and to Value & Appreciate all that I have. Most of all, I am glad that I kept a positive attitude during the whole time, only being solution orientated, rather than being depressed.

Where there is a Will, there is a Way!!!!

Thank you Dr Rohit Shah! I have recommended many of my friends and family to him already and will continue to do so in the future.

Veena Dansinghani, Hong Kong - 29 November 2014

Veena Dansinghani, Hong Kong
Date 29 November 2014

See Before and After Pictures of patient Veena ...
Veena Hong Kong

My name is Veena Dansinghani. I am a Corporate Wellness Trainer and Co-founder of a company in Hong Kong called ' Inspire2aspire Consulting ' and my passion is to spread health and happiness in the world. I am a certified Colour mebeautiful Image Consultant, Laughter Yoga Teacher, Hatha Yoga Teacher, Pranic Healer and am very passionate about the Health and Wellness Industry and to find natural and alternative ways to heal myself and others.
In the Oct 2013, I faced a severe hair loss situation and was looking for a natural, inexpensive and long term alternate way to regrow my hair. I came across Dr. Rohit Shah's website and contacted him for his expertise. In March 2014, I started his treatment and was very happy to see that my hair started to regrow after 3 months and in much healthier condition after using his treatments and by leading a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

In the midst of all this, many people around me started complaining about hair loss and asked what happened to my hair and how did I recover. As all people suffer hair loss, due to different reasons and there are different types of hair loss, I decided to train with Dr Rohit Shah in Surat in December 2014 so that I could better understand and help people overcome this very stressful situation in their life and give them hope, positivity, courage and happiness.

It is now January 2015, and I am back in Hong Kong and run a supporting centre for Dr. Rohit Shah. As Dr. Rohit Shah's products are 100% natural which is very much in alignment with my business ' Inspire2aspire Consulting '' and also, I have personally benefited and experienced what it takes to overcome this challenge, it has been very easy for me to incorporate this service as an added value addition to my current services and products.

Veena Dansinghani, Hong Kong
Date: 29 September 2015

Priyanka Kedia India

Priyanka Kedia - Alopecia Areata Treatment in Mumbai

My name is Priyanka Kedia and i am 30 years old from Mumbai.

I have been suffering with Alopecia Areata for the past 3 years but I have recovered 95 percent of my hair and it's a tremendous change in my hair quality as well.

I had tried all types of treatments including Allopathy, steroids injections but nothing worked and worsened my hair condition.I am thankful to my cousin who told me about Dr Rohit shah, who became a blessing for me and my family.

As I stay in Mumbai and Dr Rohit personally saw my hair condition. After talking to Dr.Rohit it gave me a new hope of life and i started the treatment after receiving my treatment kit. All the products are topical applications and there was no oral pills.

I am going through the treatment for 2 years now and not only my condition has improved but my hair quality has also become better.

I thank Dr.Rohit for introducing this oil which helps in regrowth of hair. It has no chemicals and it's completely natural. You just need to put oil at night in your scalp and wash the next day. I never imagined that a treatment can be as simple as this.

I am looking forward to a complete treatment from this condition in the next 3-4 years and live with confident good hair.

Thank you Dr Rohit shah.

Priyanka Kedia


Date 9th March 2015

Rajan USA

I am Rajan patel, 43 year's old from USA.I was suffering from hair loss, since 2010. One day I was searching online and found the Dr. Rohit Shah website. I sent an email for my hair loss problem with pictures and he responded within 2 hours. Instantly, I placed an order for treatment and I received the package in 10 days. In the first month I did not see much significant result, but by the end of three months, 90% hair loss stopped and even new hair were started to regrow. I started Dr Rohit's HERBAL THERAPY before 12 months and now got all my hair back..

I am really grateful to Dr. Rohit Shah and his herbal medicines which are easy to apply and not at all harmful. Great part of entire therapy is no oral medication.

Rajan Patel ,

NC 27560,USA

Date 1 September 2014

Malgorzata Poland

Hello everybody!

My name is Malgorzata, I'm a 29-year-old woman from Poland.

I'd like to share my alopecia areata story with you to give you hope and comfort. You really CAN win with this awful disease!!!!!

Natural Hair Regrowth Treatment      

The whole thing started 9 years ago, when I was a young university student. One day, when I was doing my hair, I noticed two strange bald spots. Good heavens, what's this? I thought. Nobody told me much. The dermatologist I consulted just said it was because of stress and gave me some bad smelling liquid to massage into the bald spots. Stress... quite possible, I had some difficult time at university and this was also the first time in my life I had to travel abroad on my own I got a scholarship in Spain. The spots were small and quickly disappeared, and I forgot about the whole thing.

Until it reappeared again, all of a sudden, I was shocked! This time it was one spot,but quite big. I went to a different dermatologist, and she prescribed me some oral steroids and a couple of (super expensive) topical creams. That seemed to work for a short while! Once the spot was covered with air and I stopped taking steroids and putting creams, there was another spot... and then another. They were just spots, so I somehow managed to cover them up with the rest of the hair, even though was unhappy every morning when I had to do that.

I was told that the disease is only curable with steroids, so I continued swallowing all these aggressive medicine.

I lived with my hair always tightly tied up in a ponytail so that the spots wouldn't be visible. I dreamed of wearing my hair loose... every 20-something girl wants to look nice and attractive!

The disaster came in the summer of 2013. I was, of course, taking oral steroids to cure a bald spot. But there was another one, and then a third, a fourth, a fifth... suddenly I was getting REALLY bald on my whole head!!!!! Why??????? I was in real despair. I was crying every time I was washing my hair. It came out in strands, I could see my hands full of hair, the shower was FULL of hair. I couldn't hide the disease anymore. I was devastated. I felt unattractive and sick. And hopeless! It was horrible also for my family. My husband was always supporting me he's the most wonderful man on earth but it must have been a hell also for him, seeing me crying all the time. My parents were shocked, and just didn't know what to do to help me. They offered to buy me a wig, but I reacted just with crying. A wig was a synonym of defeat for me. I didn't want a wig! I just wanted back my brown straight hair! I wanted back my normal life!

I was also feeling hopeless in my professional life. I work closely with people as a teacher and coach so I felt mortified when I had to work in a hat. In Europe it's generally considered very bad manners to wear a hat at work or when you're eating I was so ashamed all the time. When people asked me about the hat, I was lying that I have some skin allergy... that's why I had to wear a hat... I felt just so depressed. My life was constant tears and despair.

I consulted many dermatologists and endocrinologists, in Poland and Denmark, and they all just talked about steroids. I was taking bigger and bigger doses, but that helped nothing. In September2013 I was almost completely BALD. The dermatologists said that I should take cyclosporine an immune-suppressive drug that is used to "turn off" your immune system. This drug is used for example after organ transplantations to prevent organ rejection, and in the most difficult cases of alopecia. I was evidently such "most difficult case" for the doctors.

But at that time I started to investigate things on my own. I gradually stopped trusting Western medicine which could offer me just aggressive steroids (which didn't help anyway). I was spending hours and hours on the internet, reading about the disease, reading what fellow "alopecians" said on different forums. My husband is a psychologist, so we were talking a lot about how I can overcome the shame related to being a bald woman. Something in me was slowly changing. From despair, I switched into "battle mode". I suddenly wanted to fight with my disease. I just needed some tools but not steroids. I gradually stopped taking them at all.

Then, one day in September 2013, I came across Dr Rohit Shah's webpage. A clinic especially for alopecia problems! Natural herbal medicine! That sounded interesting. I read carefully the webpage.

I read people's testimonials. I also saw the photos showing how Dr. Rohit's patients regained their hair either partially or totally. I admit that I searched for opinions about Dr. Rohit's treatment on the internet, but there weren't that many really. Alopecia patients seemed to have been generally stuck with steroid treatment, or no treatment and total depression.

I decided to take the plunge. I had nothing to lose. I thought that herbal medicine won't do me any harm, even if it doesn't help.

I ordered the treatment (very good online customer help) and it arrived in Poland surprisingly quickly after a little more than a week. A neat box including detailed instructions, herbal oils and special "hair food" (herbs that you have to mix with yoghurt and put on your scalp). I had to massage my bald scalp with herbal oils 3 times a week, and use the "hair food" every 2 weeks. The herbal products smell really nice like sesame cookies :) and it was nice to massage my scalp while putting on the oils. I didn't have to worry about losing hair any more at that time I had almost none.

I started the therapy at the beginning of October 2013. After one month, my husband saw some baby hair delicate transparent mesh on my head. It appeared in spots all over my head. It gave me lots of hope, and I continued the treatment regularly and with enthusiasm. I was still wearing a hat, but I felt better.

Months passed... I was working; I went also for a great holiday to South America with my husband... all the time with my hat on, but putting the oils and "hair food" regularly.

In April 2014 I could put the hat back in my wardrobe.

I HAD MY HAIR BACK!!!! It was short, straight and brown. The most beautiful hair I've ever had!

Now it's July 2014. I am the happiest lady in the world. May be somebody would say that my hair still isn't perfect, because I still have one stubborn spot but I'm not looking for anything perfect. I just love my hair the way it is, and the stubborn spot is gradually filing up with baby hair. I regained my self-esteem. I finally feel healthy and attractive again. And my family life is so much happier!

I am deeply convinced that I had my hair back because of Dr. Rohit's treatment. It's the herbs included in the oils and "hair food" that help your hair grow. Now I have to continue the therapy for a couple of years to prevent the recurrence, but I hope that everything will be just fine. I'm living the moment, and I'm enjoying my life to the full.

Having been bald also taught me that we should never judge people by their appearance, and never have any prejudice. It taught me to be happy here and now, and not focus on the looks or any fashions. It was a very traumatic experience, but also very "life-teaching", so to say.

I just wanted to mention that in addition to Dr.Rohit's therapy I started a gluten-free diet. Doctors aren't 100% sure (are they sure of anything?) if I'm celiac or not, but I read that alopecia is often made worse by eating gluten. Since I started the diet I feel much better. Maybe that could be a tip for somebody?

So, a huge THANK YOU to Dr Rohit I am so grateful to you!!!

I hope that this story can convince alopecia patients that they should start the herbal Ayurvedic therapy, and that there's a big chance that they will finally regrow their hair, just like me. Just be patient, use the oils and "hair food" regularly, consider changing your diet to a healthier one, live with less stress, appreciate the love people give you, and keep your hope.


Malgorzata, Poland
24 July 2014

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