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Facing Hair Fall Due To Chemical Straightening? Try Ayurveda To Manage It!

Hair fall happens to be one of the most common problems, which women usually face after undergoing chemical treatments in the name of hair care products. In this age of hair straightening, hair are accustomed to the brunt of chemicals, which lead to the weakening of the follicles.

Adding to all these is the physical and emotional stress, which tends to induce hormonal changes and thus, further weakens the hair follicles, leading to hair loss. The only silver lining is that Ayurvedic treatment methods can come to the rescue for those who face the problem of hair loss due to chemical straightening of hair.

Let us look at some of the natural ways through which Ayurveda helps to treat the problems:

Use of Bhringraj Oil: Bhringraj leaves contain different kinds of herbs, which provide one's scalp the nutrients that it has been missing out on. Bio Bhringraj Therapeutic Oil Intensive Hair Re-growth Treatment contains pure Bhringraj, coconut, amla, goat's milk and centella. All these help in strengthening the strands of hair and hence, diminish grey areas. Bhringraj Oil is arguably one of the best treatments in Ayurveda for hair fall and also assists in reducing grey hair and even helps to prevent itchiness of the scalp.

Rich-Protein Shampoo: Brittle and dull hair is the result of deficiency in protein. Along with the taking of diet that is rich in protein, one must also look to make a switch towards all those products having rich content of protein in them. Kelp is one of the ingredients, which contains high valued protein and helps to act as a stimulant for ayurvedic hair growth. Kelp is basically a type of large brown seaweed, which grows in shallow salt water that is rich in nutrients and is found near coastal regions around the world. Bio Kelp, which is a highly recommended protein-rich shampoo, helps in stimulating fresh growth of hair due to ingredients like natural proteins, pure kelp, peppermint oil and extracts of mint leaf.

Serums for Enabling Maximum Absorption: Use of serums is advised because on most occasions, what oil fails to do, serum is able to do that. Serum gets absorbed in the scalp very easily and does not even leave any excess amount of oil. Bio Mountain Ebony is a kind of fresh growing stimulating serum intensive hair growth treatment, having pure extracts of mountain ebony, long pepper neem, pudina, euphorbia tree along with other essential ingredients for stimulating hair and removal of dryness and irritation. This Ayurvedic formula also contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which help in revitalizing the scalp, thereby assist in the growth of hair shaft. Appropriate result can be seen after having used the serum for 3 weeks.

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