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Healthy Scalp - How Ayurveda Can Help In Maintaining It?

Healthy hair begins at the scalp. For having healthy and shiny hair, it is important to have a healthy scalp free from dandruff, so that the roots remain strong. Through natural methods of Ayurvedic treatment, people can keep their scalp healthy and free from dandruff, eventually providing the strength to the hair for growth as well as maintenance.

Ayurvedic Treatment to Keep the Scalp Healthy

Ayurveda prescribes scalp massage for a healthy scalp. Each kind of dosha, in Ayurvedic terms, makes use of specific oils, while sesame is considered to be perfect for treating all the three doshas. The three doshas and the ideal ingredients to treat them are as follows:

Vata Dosha: Vata dosha can be treated through the use of hair oil containing ingredients like sesame, ghee and castor.

Pitta Dosha: Pitta dosha can be treated through the application of hair oil, which contains Coconut and Sesame as its ingredients.

Kapha Dosha: One can treat Kapha dosha by applying oil containing ingredients like Olive, sesame and sunflower in it.

Massaging of hair tends to stimulate circulation of blood and also provides the necessary strength as well as moisture to the scalp and hair follicles. This provides the required activation for hair growth, hence, leading to the prevention of hair fall. This process can be carried out either on a daily basis or once or twice every week, primarily depending upon the availability of time.

As far as the tradition goes, the cleansing process starts off with an oil massage to the scalp and then a wait for a period of almost 2 hours for the oil to get absorbed inside the scalp. Then the scalp is to be washed along with water and a mild and absolutely safe cleanser, free from chemicals.

Herbs like Shikakai and Aritha have always been used as hair cleansers as both of these herbs contain natural saponin, which help to clean up hair without striping them off their natural oils.

Ayurveda’s Herbal Support

The herbal support in Ayurveda for healthy scalp includes the following:


Amla is considered as the right ingredient, which cures almost each and every ailment and gives longevity. This is a natural antioxidant with a rich source of Vitamin C. Amla assists in hair regrowth by combining it with sesame oil.


In the tradition of Ayurveda, the leaf extract of Eclipta alba is regarded as a powerful liver tonic and a rejuvenating herb. It keeps the scalp healthy, thus, help in growth of hair.


Fenugreek or Methi contains a number of constituents like saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids, vitamins and fiber. Methi acts in stimulating circulation to hair follicles, while the steroid saponins get to interact with Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) metabolism. Fenugreek tends to interfere with the negative effects of DHT and hence, prevent hair loss.

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