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Indian Patient's Reviews

Shoaib, India

Once I placed an order, i received the products within 3 days and it was well packed . The product arrangement was impressive.
Kondhwa, Pune – 411048
Date 18 march 2012

Angy Pradhan, India

My hair was shedding.I used to see my hair everywhere around me.I had stopped combing my hair.I thought i would be left with no hair on my head after some years.I had lost hope.My father used to search solutions on websites but then i had really thought that nothing would help me but now as I think of it, it brings smile in my face as i have come to realise how wrong I was.My father had googled for hair care centres around the world-India,China,Isreal.I went through all the websites but my heart and my subconcious mind told me that i should go for Dr. Rohit.I told him my problems and within 24 hrs I got a reply from him asking me to answer some questions.I did whatever i was asked.Then after analysing my problem Dr. Rohit sent me a package of herbal medicine(contains oil and herbal powder.No oral medicine).I started applying it as per the instructions but I had seen no change until now.:):) and this miracle happened to me in less than a month from the date i started using it.Now how great is that!!.I can now imagine my head full of hair now.I can't thank him enough.He has helped me restore my confidence in me.If I got this amazing result in less than 1 month then just imagine how much improvement i will get to see in 17 months from now!!!I am happy and I am very excited to see the upcoming result.
I would like to thank my father and mother who are so supportive and Dr. Rohit who has given a perfect solution for my problem(that i once had).
A miracle has happened to me and it can happen to you too:).

Angy Pradhan

Mrs Zavery, India

Herbal therapy is blessing for CHEMO patients.

Mrs Zavery
21st dec. 2010

Satish Shah, India

I was very worried as I took so many treatment but nothing worked. Dr Rohit is devoted for herbal treatments and results are amazing. I recommend this herbal treatments for everyone who is suffering from alopecia areata.

Satish Shah
Surat, India
31th May 2008

a patient from delhi, India

It works ! Really.. I am Male 34 from Delhi and without any understandable reason lost 60-70% hairs on my head(in last 4-5 years), and 95% from my whole body. I have tried everything with allopathic treatment with best doctors(for 1 year), and lost all hopes, since the only option they had was of prolonged use of steroids. Now i have been using treatment from Dr.Rohit Shah, and though it is not a overnight magic but it has helped be regain at least reasonable hair on my head, close to normal within one year. And cosmetically it really helps regain confidence. This has given me a new hope and morale to continue the treatment, I must say It really works

Jainal Abedin, India

Thanks a lot. I have received the medicines too. I am flattered by your fastest response. Jainal Abedin, Banglore.

Baby Surana, India

My 7 Year Daughter had Alopecia and did undergo several treatments before she could almost be completely cured only after taking Dr.Rohit Shah's herbal treatment. The entire process from communicating and treatment was very friendly and hence a pleasure. Most important of all what all patients need from a DR is the success of the treatment and that is what we got from Dr. Rohit Shah. The Herbal treatment has been absolutely effective.It is hard to put in words how lucky we have been to have found his treatment positive but thanks to him as well as our decision to having tried his herbal treatment. We remember the days when we always wondered and hoped for recovery since we were little confused as to which treatment we should go for since different Dr's suggested different treatments and after one patch being recovered another patch would arise . But finally the Herbal Treatment did the wonder.

Mr Surana
Kolkata, India.

5th January ,2010

Sahil, India

I had two patches on my head for more than one year and the size of the patches were increasing. On seeing the patches I went to a dermatologist who gave me some multivitamins and two minoxdil topical solutions. After applying the solutions for about three months most of my hair grew back. But in July, 2011 my hair again started falling and I was really depressed of losing around 200 strands of hair everyday.

Then, I searched on the internet for alopecia. I was lucky to have found Dr. Rohit's Alopecia Treatment Center. Then I sent my query to Dr. Rohit stating my problems and in no time I received a convincing reply from him.

I started my treatment at Alopecia Treatment Center in August, 2011. Dr. Rohit explained everything about alopecia ?and how HERBAL THERAPY is more safe when compared to any other treatment.

For the first one week of treatment I could not see any significant result but by the end of second week my hair fall reduced drastically from 100-200 strands to just 30 strands per day.?Also, I could see some new hair growth in the patches. The result was completely unexpected.

I am really grateful to Dr. Rohit Shah and hats off to his herbal medicines which are easy to apply and very hair friendly.

I give my heartiest thanks to Dr. Rohit for his medicines.


Gurgaon [Hariana]


V.Raju, India

Today i received the medicine through courier, i am impressed by Quality of packing, it was methodically done, i felt happy.

V.Raju, Banglore

16th sep. 2011-09-16

Paresh Chitalia, India

My son Jigar got his eyebrow hairs back after using Dr. Rohit's herbal formula.

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