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Indian Testimonials

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Dinesh Sharma, Rajasthan

Hello Friend, I am Dinesh kumar Sharma. I am from Alwar, Rajasthan. I am a teacher. Before 3 years in 2015, my wife had started alopecia areata. She was losing very much hair because of alopecia areata. There were many patches on her scalp. Hair loss was so acute that we felt she might be complete hair less within few months. We were so depressed because of hair loss. We treated her for nearly 18 months with few homemade remedies and allopathic treatment too. We took steroid injections on various part of her scalp. It was very painful process. But there was no relief. In June 2017, we came to know about Dr. Rohit's naturopathy treatment through his website We found a ray of hope. We consulted at Jaipur support center of Dr. Rohit Shah. She recommended us two years of natural treatment. In the treatment, there were two types of oils and some powder to make paste which should be applied on the scalp. Entire treatment is completely natural and there are no side effects. When we started the treatment, we saw some positive results after four months of treatment. You don't believe after 12 months of treatment, my wife got completely healthy and long hair. As per my experience, I would like to recommend that if anybody is suffering from #alopecia areata, do try Dr. Rohit's Naturopathy Treatment. You will definitely get good results.Thanks to Dr. Rohit Shah.

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Dinesh Sharma, Rajasthan, India

21st July, 2018

Lekhram Vishwakarma, Mumbai

Hello, everyone.
My name is Lekhram Vishwakarma. I am from Mumbai. I am a human resource professor. Through this video I am sharing my experience about my journey with alopecia. It's being four years in the year 2015, I spotted first patch on my beard. I started feeling stressed. I was worried because I was losing my hairs. The patches were increasing in numbers. I started allopathic treatment in 2015 but I did not continue due to side effects. I put on 14 kg weight. I was losing my vision. As soon as I discontinued, I lost my beard again. One day my brother was searching alopecia expert on web, he suggested me to go through website and to meet Dr Rohit Shah. I met Dr Rohit at his Andheri clinic and I started taking treatment from him. Within 6 months patches were decreasing and hair growth were excellent. Within 1 year after starting the treatment, all patches were covered with new hair. I would like to recommend Dr. Rohit for any Alopecia treatment. I had seen results and I must say naturopathy is the best and only way to cure alopecia. There are no oral pills. There is no injection. You just have to apply natural oil and hair mask. Apart from that Dr. Rohit Shah is treating this disease since many years. He is internationally acclaimed #Alopecia expert. He has 40 offices around the world. Anybody can get benefit from his treatment any place from the globe.

So all the best and thank you.

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Lekhram Vishwakarma, Mumbai, India

24th February, 2019

Rajesh Kumawat, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Hello everyone,
My name is Rajesh Kumawat. I am from Jaipur, Rajasthan. I am working with IDBI bank as manager. I settled in Surat. Last year I got to find out that I have patch in my back. My hair dresser told me that it's a sign of alopecia areata in his local language. That time i got to know that this is a skin disease or hair disease. So I tried to contact local skin specialist doctor and he gave me something to apply on my patch. Within 20 or 30 days the patch was being increased. So I was worried about that the patch might increase. From one of my friend, I got to know about Dr. Rohit's alopecia areata naturopathy treatment. I visited the clinic. He examined my scalp and he said not worry. It is curable; it will be cure with Naturopathy treatments. It will take some time. He gave me proper treatment. The treatment was only the oil with something to apply on the scalp only. There was nothing like to eat or something an oral medicine. I started applying that treatment continuously for 6 months. After 4 - 5 month, I found that it was improved. My hairs were growing on affected area. After 6 months of treatment, the whole patch was covered and I became normal. Right now, I cannot find where the patch was at that time. I strongly recommend Dr. Rohit's natural treatment for #Alopecia areata. You can contact him through his website and you can find your product through online services at your home door.

Thank you so much.

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Rajesh Kumawat, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

23rd January, 2020

Satyanarayan Soni, Noida

Namskar. I am Satyanarayan Soni with my wife Suman and my son Avyukta. You can see my son's hair which looks very thick. On the time of his birth my son's hair was very thick and curly. He was having very thick eyebrows too. He was looking like Krishna so we always call him Krishna. In 2017 we found a small hair less patch on my son's scalp. We immediately consulted a #skin specialist and he informed me that the condition is known as alopecia areata. It was completely new word for us and before that we didn't have any knowledge about alopecia. We took few days treatment from the Dermatologist and we found new hair on the patch so we were sure that the problem was solved. Once we stopped the treatment, those hairs fell again and we found many more patches on his scalp. Then we felt that the problem was serious. As we were in Noida at that time, we consulted best skin specialist in Delhi. The doctor also informed us that it seems alopecia areata and there was no cure in allopathic. The doctor added that "we can treat him with steroids but we are not sure that he will get permanent results". In the future treatment, we may have to give intra-dermal injections on his scalp. We strongly decided that we would not take such types of treatment. These types of treatment were not good for our child. In fact, not for any child. Then we focused on alternative medicines. We came to know that in Noida there is a center which provides herbal treatments. But because my job was transferable so we could not start those treatments. When we gave search on internet, we came to know about Dr Rohit Shah's natural cure for alopecia. Then we visited Dr Shah's Delhi Support center and Dr Confirmed that it is progressive alopecia areata and it may convert into alopecia totalis. You should start Dr Rohit's natural treatment as early as possible. Because there were no other safe options, we trusted them. We were sceptical about the results but then also we started his treatment. Once we started the treatment, we came to know that there was a medical camp organized near to Delhi by Dr Rohit Shah. We didn't miss that opportunity and we went there to meet Dr Rohit Shah. In mean time my son had lost almost all hair on his scalp. He also lost his eyebrow hair. At that time me and my wife Suman both were crying. We were thinking that what will happen if our son never grows his hair back in his future life. When we personally met Dr Rohit Shah, he recommended us not to worry. In most kids, re-growth is possible with his natural treatments. He also informed that he has given his whole life in research of pure natural treatments for various types of alopecia. He recommended to continue his treatment and also assured us that he was optimistic about positive results. We also trusted his words and continued the treatments. Krishna also supported us in the treatments. After 2 months of applications, we observed few light hair on his scalp. We were so happy to see new hair on his scalp and we thought we are on right track of the treatment. Right now we have completed 2 years of treatments and my son has full recovery on his scalp. Still his eyebrows are affected but we are sure that his eyebrows will also back. Dr Rohit Shah's treatment is highly effective and it has no side effects. Now we are thinking that we took right decision and not taken allopathic treatments. We strongly recommend this treatment for whoever is suffering from #alopecia areata. We are really thankful to Dr Rohit Shah who came in our life and he helped us to fight with a big trouble in our life. Thank you.

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Satyanarayan Soni, Noida, India

21st December, 2019

Ms. Khushboo Chaudhary, Mandvi, Gujarat

My name is Khushboo Chaudhary. I live in Mandvi which is a small town near Surat, Gujarat. I am a student of nursing. In December, 2015 I observed Alopecia areata patch on my head. I used many allopathic medicines but it could not give benefit to me. After that in April, 2016 I heard about Dr. Rohit Shah's Naturopathy treatment center and I contacted him. I started using his natural treatment. There was no oral medicine but only external oil and powder which are made from natural plants. The powder was to make to paste which should be applied on entire scalp. After 6-9 months, recovery started. You can now see my hair, which are completely recovered now. I recommended Dr. Rohit Shah's treatment for any patient in the world who is suffering from #Alopecia. His treatment is purely natural. It does not contain any type of oral medicines so there are no side effects. If you have any kind of hair problem or Alopecia so you must contact to Dr. Rohit Shah through his website

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Ms. Khushboo Chaudhary, Mandvi, Gujarat, India

20th November, 2018

Ramesh Rawal, Surat, Gujarat

I am Ramesh Rawal and Jyoti Rawal is my daughter. I live in Surat. There was a patchy hair loss in her head. As people told me, I consulted three or four good doctors of Surat. Some gave injections and some gave the pills. We took treatment for two-three months. Alopecia patches recovered and came again here and there. I was worried because she is a girl child. The expenses behind the treatment were also very high. Go to the doctors, here and there. We changed four to five reputed doctors. Then one of my friends gave the address of Dr. Rohit Shah. And I brought my daughter to them. He gives a six-month course at a time, which contains Natural oil and powder. We have to apply at home every single week. Slowly I started seeing good results. And today my daughter has recovered her head full of hair. I want to say thank you to Dr. Rohit Shah. I was tense and my daughter also had tension because of #alopecia areata. I want to give a message to the whole world that without eating pills and injections, natural treatment works. Dr. Rohit Shah gives the treatment at a very low cost. And I advise everyone that there is no need to roam around. Don't take the wrong pills and wrong injections. I want to thank Dr. Shah again.

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Ramesh Rawal, Surat, Gujarat, India

26th June, 2018

Alpesh Panchani, Surat, Gujarat

Hi friends, I am from Surat, Gujarat. My name is Alpesh. I live in Varachha road area of Surat. I was suffering from Alopecia areata from 2017. I was very disappointed. In tension, I went to many clinics for cure but it had no effect on me. After that I connected to the Dr. Rohit Shah. He gave me some natural powder and oils to apply on the scalp. I started using it on myself. Within one year it makes a big difference. My hair has fully grown. When I was suffering from alopecia areata, I was very disappointed. I didn't like to go outside. Today I am free to go anywhere with anyone. There is no need to worry if you suffer from alopecia areata. Dr. Rohit Shah is the world's best Doctor. You can contact him by email or his contact number. Dr Rohit's treatment is purely natural and he is not using any type of chemical. Compared to other treatments, results are fast. So if you are suffering from #alopecia areata, I strongly recommend contacting Dr. Rohit Shah.

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Alpesh Panchani, Surat, Gujarat, India

06th June, 2020

Devanshi Kalpesh Pandya, Surat

Hello, My name is Kalpesh Pandya. I live in Surat. I am a professional singer. My daughter's name is Devanshi Pandya. Before 2 years, she started losing hair and we noticed thinning all over the scalp. We tried many treatments. Someone told us to consult Dr. Rohit Shah so we visited his clinic. He gave us six months natural products which included different types of natural oils and powders which should be applied on the scalp. There was no oral medication. I was totally satisfied with his natural treatments. We started with six months treatment and after completion of twelve months treatments my daughter fully recovered her natural hair. I recommend all the patients who are suffering any types of #hair loss to contact Dr. Rohit Shah. Dr. Rohit Shah has many branches all over the world. You can also contact him through internet.

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Devanshi Kalpesh Pandya, Surat, India

18th August, 2018

Priyanka Kedia, Mumbai

Priyanka Kedia
My name is Priyanka Kedia. I am 30 years old and living in Mumbai. I have been suffering with #Alopecia Areata for the past 3 years. I had tried all types of treatments including Allopathy, steroids injections but nothing worked and worsened my hair condition.I am thankful to my cousin who told me about Dr Rohit shah, who became a blessing for me and my family. With the help of Dr Rohit's naturopathy treatments, now I have recovered 95 percent of my hair back and it's a tremendous change in my hair quality as well.

As I stayed in Mumbai so Dr Rohit personally saw my hair condition at his Andheri center. After talking with Dr.Rohit I was totally satisfied and he gave me a new hope of life.I started the treatment after receiving my first 6 months kit. All the products are topical applications and there were no oral pills. I am going through the treatment for 2 years now, my hair condition has improved and my hair quality has also become better. I thank Dr.Rohit for introducing these natural treatments which help in regrowth of hair. The treatment has no chemicals and is completely natural. You just need to put oil at night in your scalp and wash the next day. I never imagined that a treatment can be as simple as this. I am looking forward to a complete treatment from this condition in the next 3-4 years and live with confident good hair.

Thank you Dr Rohit shah.

Priyanka Kedia, Mumbai, India

09th March, 2015
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