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Internationl Patient's Reviews

Eduardo, Uruguay

"I want to thank Dr, Rohit for helping me so much to treat my problem....He is a good Dr and excellent person, that showed in his attitude, although the distance between our countries. I saw progress in few months and cause that I still have more hope about results..... Thanks Dr. Rohit"

Mother of Ayesha Ghanchi, United Kingdom

My 24 years young daughter diagnosed alopecia in 2000. we consulted reputed doctors here in london. we went for so many blood reports but it did not helped her. she lost her 80% hairs. ultimately we decided to take herbal treatment and we searched we went india and consulted Dr Rohit shah for her problem. Dr Rohit examined her and said "i am optimistic, herbal treatment are effective in such cases" but we were sceptical as we had spent a lot in london. we started the treatment as a clinical trial and went back to london. After 6-9 months of treatments my daughter Ayesha got her beautiful hair back.. we really thanks to Dr Rohit and his devotion towards ayurveda.....................

Sejal Patel, United States

I have just completed the first month of treatment and i have noticed that my hairs are not falling out as much it is used to.

Frank woolfert, Germany

Your medication is very good...

Minaxi Patel, United States

I really impress with the Herbal Treatment of Alopecia...
Dhara Treatment is highly effective and might be the answer of any type of Alopecia...

Amla Khatija, United

Good Treatment, That's all...

Malati. K. Vashi, United States

I was depressed due to my Diffuse Alopecia but thanks for Dr. Rohit shah's herbal treatments, my hairloss stopped.
I really impress with treatment of Diffuse Alopecia.
I got superb results...

Jyotsna Diapk Patel, United States

I am thankful for excellent hair treatments...

Miten Shah, United

One of the best doctor, one of the best treatment and only place on the earth for hairloss treatment.

Holly, USA

My experience of being a patient of Alopecia Areata went from a nightmare to a blessing in disguise. HollyMcGuffin, USA

Alopecia Areata Treatment Specialist      

"You have a bald spot on the back of your head." I thought my friend was joking when she said those words, until I saw it for myself in the mirror. Nine months of hair loss denial later, nearly 60 percent of my entire scalp hair had fallen. Here I was a 20 year old young woman, and my hair was falling out so quickly, and I had no idea why. When my doctor told me I had Alopecia, it was the first time I had ever heard of it. I felt very concerned and isolated going through this frightening experience with no one to relate to about my condition. After a few months went by I was still losing my hair and had not used any treatments at all. Finally, one day I was on my computer, and decided to Google alopecia cures.

I came across Dr. Rohit's website, and his natural herbal therapy. I went with my instincts and filled out the online consultation form, and the very next day I received Dr Rohit's reply. It was comforting when he explained that Ayurvedic herbal therapy was potential and safe to treat Alopecia Areata. He was offering only topical herbal treatments [no oral medication]. It gave me a lot of hope, and it was very affordable too. I placed an order and anxiously waited for the package to arrive. It had already brought me so much hope! When I started using it, I had a few questions being unfamiliar with the treatment, and Dr. Rohit was happy to answer all of my questions.

After about 3-4 months of using my customized herbal formula, my hair stopped falling out completely, and started to re-grow. After a year of using the treatment, my hair had almost grown back completely, and after 15 months I had 100% of my hair back. My hair has been thicker, and healthier ever since!

I was incredibly grateful for my hair re-growth from Dr. Rohit Shah's herbal therapy. I was relieved I found something that treated my condition successfully without any harmful chemicals or injections. I gave Dr. Rohit my testimonial so I could share my Alopecia journey with everyone else who was going through the same thing. I remember how alone I felt, and how emotional it was to watch my hair fall out every day. I want people to know they are not alone, and there is something that can give them hope.

When Dr. Rohit offered a position to help other patients of Alopecia Areata, I couldn't turn it down. I became very passionate about the natural treatment. It feels great to restore hope in patients. I want every patient to be as happy as I am. There is nothing more rewarding than sharing my story and giving hope to others.

It was wonderful to finally meet Dr. Rohit and his wife Ragini in Houston, Texas at the 2009 National Alopecia Areata Foundations' Conference for families with Alopecia Areata. I had such a rewarding experience sharing my success story with others, and spending time with Dr. Rohit and Ragini, They also counselled patients with Alopecia, and explained how the herbal therapy could help them.

After acquiring a Bachelor Degree in Psychology, I obtained my certification as an official Trichologist (hair loss specialist) through the International Association of Trichology ( I am one of two Certified Trichologists in the state of Michigan.

In November 2010, I went to India to learn more about the concepts of hair loss and herbal therapy. I spent my time training at three clinics; Surat, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai. I consulted over 150 patients with varying types of hair loss. I also met follow up patients to see what great results they received from Dr Rohit's herbal therapy.

My experience of being a patient of Alopecia Areata went from a nightmare to a blessing in disguise. I could never have picked a more rewarding career for myself, being able to restore hope in desperate patients every day is a gift. I am now serving patients of Alopecia Areata all across the United States. Holly McGuffin, USA.

Holly McGuffin, USA.

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