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Hair Fall Treatment - International Testimonial

Angy Nepal

My daughter Angy was with me during her Dushera holidays. She spent most of her time at home instead of enjoying her holidays. The kind of tension I saw in her was unbearable to me. As my daughter had mention in her email to you that I was surfing day and night hoping that I would find solution for her. I received communications from China , USA , Israel and you. My daughters' first choice was Dr. Rohit. After applying medicine you sent , hair has stopped falling within a month.

My daughter was so excited to inform me that her hair stopped falling. I was once worried that her hair falling tension would affect her studies. I am now so happy that my worries are gone.

I would like to sincerely thank you and your team for quick responses and amazing result.

Your support has helped me see smile on my daughter's face.

Rupak Pradhan, Nepal

[Angy Pradhan's Father]

Fluer New Zealand

I developed alopecia areata - highly active - after an emotional shock. My scalp was highly itchy and burned all the time. My hair went limp and lifeless and began to rapidly fall out. I tried injectable steroids and it made my hair grow back for a time but when the steroids wore off my hair continued to fall out in great clumps. I knew that wasn't the answer. Steroids brought me time only. That's when I came across Dr. Rohit's website and decided to begin his treatment.

I began herbal treatment and cut my hair short to make application easier. I put oils in a small spray bottle and sprayed my hair as instructed. After 3-4 months the first thing I noticed was that my hair started to fall out less. It also decreased the burning and itching which was a great relief. Then I noticed that my hair was 'holding' better so when I would tug it, it would 'pinch' my scalp and for me this was a great sign because I knew the inflammation was going down. People commented that it looked healthier. Bits of my eyebrow would come out and then grow back with the oils, I also found a few sips of itch champagne would make my eyebrow grow back along with Dr Rohit's treatment as it did something positive to the and inflammation and allowed the hair to grow back. I noticed that stress and anger would make my condition worse.

I am advised 2 years treatment and I had just completed basic 6 months therapy. I shall update this when my total treatment will be completed.

Dr Rohit has proved to be very helpful and concerned for how my treatment is going. He is there every step of the way through the whole process and this is to his credit as losing one's hair is very distressing and most doctors are at a loss of how to help you after steroids don't work. I am pleased to have found his treatment. He has helped many people to save their hair.

New Zealand
Date: 12 June 2008

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Krisna USA

I have received the medicines and I have to admit, I am very impressed with the way you are organized and the response turn around. It is awesome.

Roberta Italy

I advice everyone to use Dr. Rohit's therapy. Roberta, Italy

I'm using the therapy for 6 months and I can say my experience with Dr. Rohit's products is positive, even if I believed that the disease would stop after 6 months of treatment. In fact, new hairs are growing but the other hairs are still falling. My experience with the services is totally positive, because in Italy there isn't any Ayurvedic treatment. The products are arrived in 15 days. Last time it has taken less days. I advice everyone to use Dr. Rohit's natural therapy.

Roberta, Italy.
20th September 2011

Yasmine Switzerland

A really professional service, which I have not found in Europe, because it has the Indian touch of caring. Yasmine, Switzerland

I applied Dr. Rohit’s natural oil and left it overnight, shampooed this morning. I thought you would be interested to know that it has had an immediate effect on my hair. Of course, no re-growth in one night, but the aspect and volume of the existing hair has come back. My hair is beautiful, soft, manageable, shining. I wish to thank you already for this amazing results, I did not expect anything like that. I will keep you informed of the progresses, in the weeks to come, but have begun to have hoped again. I will be ordering your products again, and I would also like to mention how pleased I was when I received your kit, which is beautifully presented and contains all the necessary information about hair loss, usage of the products, etc. A really professional service, which I have not found in Europe, because it has the Indian touch of caring.

Yasmine, Switzerland.
16 December 2011

Veena Hong Kong

Veena Dansinghani - Happy Client of Alopeciacure      

Dear Dr Rohit Shah,

I am so happy to come across your website whilst I was desperately looking for a solution for Alopecia in November 2013.

In OCT 2013, when I was washing my hair, lots of hair started falling which really gave me a big scare; I thought it was due to the colour treatment or shampoo I had used, however, it kept falling in batches even whilst I used to comb my hair. I ran to my hair stylist and told him to give me a trip, perhaps I had not had a hair cut in a while, but even the Hair stylist noticed that whilst he was combing my hair, it just continued to fall and fall and suggested that it could be an internal problem. I tried to apply almond oil and various oils at home and also tried to use ginger, garlic, onion juice to rub my scalp, but my hair continued to fall. My Mother noticed two very small bald spots on my scalp and told me that this could be ''Chore Baal '' in English '' Hair Robbers ''

So, I immediately consulted with a Dermatologist, who took a blood test and also saw my scalp and said that I had Alopecia and also from my blood test, I had an IRON Deficiency, so these two things could be causing the severe Hair Fall. She prescribed me some Iron Tablets and some cream to apply topically.

I soon consulted with an Ayurvedic Doctor in Hong Kong who said that there was an Imbalance in my body and that I had to bring it back to balance through correcting my Diet/Lifestyle and incorporating Yoga into my life and being relaxed. So, he guided me according to my Doshas, what I should be eating and not be eating. In the midst of all this I started practising Yoga to improve my Blood Circulation, especially to my scalp and also was very serious about my Pranayamas (Breathing Exercises). I stopped eating Fried, Spicy and Oily food and stopped eating outside food for 4-5 months. I became very aware of what I was putting into my body and that everything I do is healthy and good for my Hair growth. I ate on time, woke up on time, slept on time. It was a discipline I had to follow if I wanted to recover quickly and with a positive mindset and attitude.

Soon after I consulted a Hair Specialist in Hong Kong and I took their treatments for about 3 months which reduce my hair falling but at the same time I was looking for a long term solution which was natural and inexpensive.

I came across Dr Rohit's website and send him my hair photos and he immediately responded, saying that I should start the natural treatments soon. But since I was going to visit India in Jan 2014, thus, I waited it out to meet him personally. Once I paid for the natural therapy and the product was delivered very soon to my Mumbai address and in March 2014, I started using his treatments. Today, it is November 2014 and I have fully recovered all my hair, I have a full scalp once again, due to the oils, hair food, proper diet, exercise, relaxation, positive thinking and a lot of support from all the doctors, friends and family, especially my Mother, who made sure I was getting the right treatment.

It will still take a while for my hair to grow back to the length I used to have it, but my hairs now are much thicker and healthier. I have stopped using harsh chemicals on my hair; I only use Dr Rohit Shah's Herbal Oils, Hair Food.

This situation has taught be a big lesson in life. Which is to lead a balanced life with proper diet, exercise, balance and to treat my hair with gentle, love, care and attention and not to take anything for granted and to Value & Appreciate all that I have. Most of all, I am glad that I kept a positive attitude during the whole time, only being solution orientated, rather than being depressed.

Where there is a Will, there is a Way!!!!

Thank you Dr Rohit Shah! I have recommended many of my friends and family to him already and will continue to do so in the future.

Veena Dansinghani, Hong Kong - 29 November 2014

Veena Dansinghani, Hong Kong
Date 29 November 2014

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Yoshiko Kimura USA

I've been using your product for about 4 months.
My hair loss condition got so much better, I barely loose my hair even when I wash them.
Thank you so so much!!
Yoshiko Kimura

P.Patel New Zealand

  I was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata about 6 months ago now. I had bald circular patches on both side of my head, and multiple patches at the back of my head. I went to see the Dermatologist and initially he gave me all sorts of cream, which had no effect at all. The only option I had was Steroid Injection, which I was not too keen on. So I went googling, as many do, and that's where I came across Dr Rohit's Alopecia Cure Website. I have only been using it for 3 and half months, and I have already got my hair back on both sides of my head, as well as little hair growing at the back. I am really surprise at seeing Positive result at such early stage. I am very thankful to Dr Rohit and I shall continue using the Herbal Treatment. I recommended the Herbal Therapy to anyone out there who might be suffering from Alopecia Areata. In my case, it's working so far.

Shibu T. George United Arab Emirates

"It was very fortunate to find this website and consult Dr. Rohit through emails with the right photographs of patches. With 3 months of treatment I have noticed considerebaly good reduction in hair fall, and also symptoms of hair growth in patches. I believe in Herbal Treatments"

Mr Sira United Kingdom

Having used the commercially available treatment 'Regain' for over a year with no new hair growth. Your product has performed wonders. Your consultation approach and your prognosis opinion was very detailed. Having used your topical herbal oils for just over 8 months there is a noticeable new hair growth. going by the results so far I will recommend your treatment to anyone who is seeking treatment for alopecia.


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