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Internationl Testimonials

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Tatyana Saibel, Canada

9 months old Canadian kid benefited with Dr. Rohit's Natural Treatments for #Alopecia Areata.

I am Tatyana from Canada. My baby girl was 9 Month old when she diagnosed as a patient of alopecia areata. It was a very terrible diagnosis. The doctor could not help us because she was too little for any steroid creams and medications. It was horrible to watch how quickly she had lost her hairs. During many sleepless nights and this frustrating time I was searching on the internet for treatments, which could be saving for my 9 month old daughter.

Through many search, I came across Dr Rohit Shah's website which offers only topical natural treatment. I was amazed of the result and I contacted Dr Rohit Shah if I could try his treatment for my daughter. His reply was so quick and gave me hope and trust. Dr Rohit provided me some natural oil and after 4 months of application my daughter's hair started to grow back. Now it has been 1 year since I have started applying the oil and my daughter have recovered about 90% of her hair. I would sincerely thank Dr Rohit Shah for all his efforts and advices and for his natural herbal treatment. I also recommend his natural treatments to any age of patient who suffers from #Alopecia Areata.

Thanks a lot.

Tatyana Saibel, Canada

11th November, 2013

Suneetha Bellamkonda, USA

I am Suneetha, 26 years young lady from USA. I have been suffering from #Alopecia Areata (#Patchy Hair loss) since last 2 years. I consulted allopathic doctors and spent lot of money but I didn't see any kind of change in my Hair fall. In fact many i had many side effects like hormonal Imbalance, allergies etc. So I stopped using it. Again, I consulted Homeopathy but I didn't see any change in my hair fall. The Patches and existing patch size were increasing day by day. I wasted 1 year time and money with allopathic and Homeopathy treatments.

One day, I was goggling for my problem. I found Dr Rohit's Alopecia Treatment Centre, who offers only natural and external therapy for alopecia areata. I called him and described my problems and sent photos of my Patches. I took 6 months course; I noticed hair roots in my Patches in just 2 weeks. After completing 6months course, I noticed 80% improvement in my Hair loss and one Patch is completely covered and hair roots in another patch. I feel better about myself and so glad I discovered this! I will continue to use this product forever! Entire therapy is topical herbal products without any oral medications!

Especially, I would like to appreciate Dr Rohit Shah. He is very great doctor. He builds confidence in his patients and very responsible, sincere and I am very thankful to him for introducing this kind of awesome products. He responses very quick and provides updates regarding shipping details very quick the moment we order it. I recommend this natural therapy to anyone who suffers #alopecia areata or any other types of #hair loss.

Suneetha Bellamkonda, USA

13th February, 2014

Ranjit Santarsiero, UK


I am Ranjit from United Kingdom. 5 months after the birth of my 2nd child, my family noticed a circle bald patch in the centre of my hair; everyone was frightened thinking what it could be.

I always liked to wash and leave my hair down but because of the bald patch, i was not able to do it . I had another large bald patch on the side, centre in the back of my head. I consulted my doctor who diagnosed me with #Alopecia Areata. I began to have steroid injections into my scalp. For some reason I was not convinced with allopathic treatments. I researched on google where I found Dr Rohit Shah, who was offering only topical natural treatment without any pills.

My heart and mind kept telling me to try this treatment. When i sent an email to Dr Rohit Shah, he immediately replied. Because of his great support, I began natural treatment. After 4 months of Dr Rohit's Natural treatments, I noticed how my hair was growing back. From at least 7 patches I only have 1 patch which has not fully grown. I would just like to thank Dr Rohit for this treatment and the immediate replies to all my questions queries and worries.Thank you so much Dr Rohit. I recommend anyone who is suffering from #Alopecia Areata to try this treatment. Don't delay to try it. You may be lucky like some of us.

Thank you

Ranjit Santarsiero, UK

22nd August, 2012

Rajesh Kumar, New Zealand

I was very distressed after I found a patch in my scalp. it was spreading very fast and hair fall rate was too high. I was really concerned and doing some research on the Internet on how to stop this by Ayurvedic Treatment. I was so lucky I found Dr. Rohit Shah's website and I read the testimonials which made me to feel very positive. I Knew about Ayurveda treatment. It has no side effects. It may take some time to get results but it will be a long lasting cure.

So I was very positive and ordered for the therapy from Dr. Rohit through the website. I placed an online order and got the products in New Zealand within 15 days. I started the treatment and applied the oil with Hair food regularly with full faith that this would cure my Alopecia. After 3 month hair falling reduced and was not too much shedding and there were no new patches. After 10 months all the patches were gone and no one was able to find that I had alopecia in my scalp. I am so happy and very very thankful to Dr. Rohit Shah. I would recommend this product with full confidence to anyone who suffers alopecia areata. I also recommend to keep patience and not to expect the result in a day or week.

My experience is not to use any allopathic products like Steroids or Minoxidil for Alopecia but try Dr Rohit's Natural therapy only.

Rajesh Kumar, Manawatu, New Zealand

20th January, 2011

Pamela, Lebanon

I am Pamela from Lebanon, I would like to thank you Dr Shah for the quick service.

I would also like to mention how pleased I was when I received your kit within only 10 days. We also received all other required information about how to use the products.

Great Service for #Alopecia patients.

Pamela, Beirut, Lebanon

19th November, 2011

Adeline Yeoh, Malaysia

"I noticed a bald patch on my back hair in Jan'10. It was a nightmare making me scary and super down. I consulted few doctors and some of them telling me the possibility of re grow the hair on the patch was 50/50... And some said YES 100% regrowth after 30 times of treatment. But all having the same thing which is cost me a lot (average USD2500).

I was so sad but no choice and i have to try my best. Just before I sign up for the hair treatment courses, I was so lucky found Dr. Rohit website out of the blue. I think angel just passing by me that night. Dr. Rohit advised me not to go for any treatment at this moment but use the natural oil and give some massage on the bald patch. He also advised me not to take too much stress, stay healthy to improve my immune system.

I was following his advice and miracle happen to me after 1 month. I noticed little fine baby hair grow at the bald patch!! It was amazing. I'm so thankful to Dr. Rohit by advising me. I'm so believe in him and his knowledge + advices. He just like a GOD doctor for #Alopecia Areata patients.

Thank you so much.

Adeline Yeoh, Malaysia

Iva, Croatia (Hrvatska)

Our daughter Iva is 5 years old. She has been suffering from #Alopecia Areata. We started Dr Rohit's Natural treatment on 15. May 2010. After starting the treatment, we see the first positive sign after 3-4 months. All 3 patches of alopecia filled with new hair and no new circles. We continued a treatment. We will give a new order soon because Iva is getting good results.

Thank you so much.

Iva, Croatia (Hrvatska)

11th November, 2010

Sharon Muna, Namibia

After using the treatment for up to 5 months, i started seeing some hairs coming up. The hairs after treatment were not thin, but much stronger. The #bald patches on my hair line are slowly feeling up with new hair coming out. I experienced no side effects and the treatment worked very well for me. There is no overnight fix for hair loss so the treatment takes time; there was a difference in the thickness, strength and volume after using Dr Rohit's treatment. I also started taking some vitamin pills in my diet to supplement the nutrients. Dr Rohit’s natural treatment promoted new hair growth and strengthened my current hair.

Sharon Muna, Windhoek, Namibia

16th January, 2011

Kailas Thapa, United Kingdom

I had #Alopecia Areata problem. I had 2 patches on my hair. I consulted the doctor around my area but they could not help me with this problem. I was really scared and depressed. I sometimes wondered that would i go totally bald? Some nights i really dreamed that i was bald. It was totally nightmare. I googled around the net, hoping i could get help. Then i found a Chinese online shop for hair treatment. I order their Chinese product (tonic) and even it had pills to be taken. I kept applying the tonic to my hair and took the pills regularly. After 3-4 months, there was no result. I thought that Chinese products may not help me. So i googled again and i was lucky that i found Dr Rohit website I read the testimonial and i was really impressed. Somehow i felt Dr Rohit therapy would help me. So i ordered the product. I got the product after 1 week or so (can't really remember). I started using Dr Rohit product therapy. After 3 month, my patches really started growing new hairs. I felt I was alive again back from dead. Then after 6 months, my patches had totally hair grown. There were no more patches. But i still had to continue the therapy as Dr Rohit told me. Right now, my hair is back to normal. Feel really amazing. I thought i would not have my hair grown again but thanks to Dr Rohit.!!!


Kailas Thapa, United Kingdom

24th January, 2011

Fluer, New Zealand

I developed #alopecia areata - highly active - after an emotional shock. My scalp was highly itchy and burned all the time. My hair went limp and lifeless and began to rapidly fall out. I tried injectable steroids and it made my hair grow back for a time but when the steroids wore off my hair continued to fall out in great clumps. I knew that wasn't the answer. Steroids brought me time only. That's when I came across Dr. Rohit's website and decided to begin his treatment.

I began herbal treatment and cut my hair short to make application easier. I put oils in a small spray bottle and sprayed my hair as instructed. After 3-4 months the first thing I noticed was that my hair started to fall out less. It also decreased the burning and itching which was a great relief. Then I noticed that my hair was 'holding' better so when I would tug it, it would 'pinch' my scalp and for me this was a great sign because I knew the inflammation was going down. People commented that it looked healthier. Bits of my eyebrow would come out and then grow back with the oils, I also found a few sips of itch champagne would make my eyebrow grow back along with Dr Rohit's treatment as it did something positive to the and inflammation and allowed the hair to grow back. I noticed that stress and anger would make my condition worse.

I am advised 2 years treatment and I had just completed basic 6 months therapy. I shall update this when my total treatment will be completed.

Dr Rohit has proved to be very helpful and concerned for how my treatment is going. He is there every step of the way through the whole process and this is to his credit as losing one's hair is very distressing and most doctors are at a loss of how to help you after steroids don't work. I am pleased to have found his treatment. He has helped many people to save their hair.

Fluer, New Zealand

12th June, 2008
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